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Sundin Didn't Say No

Leave it to Habs blogger J.T. to scoop the entire hockey world on the Mats Sundin saga!

The CBC employed Habs fan, and author of the excellent "The H Does Not Stand For Habs" blog site sure kept a tight lip, knowing the whereabouts of Habs GM Bob Gainey late Sunday evening.

Gainey, making a fan appearance at the Rooms, a Newfoundland provincial museum, seemed a happy soul when revealing the contents of his discussion with Sundin this past Saturday in Toronto.

"I told him to make a decision. I said, if you feel like you want to retire, then retire. But if you're not sure, you should play and the emotion will come."

J.T.'s scoop was revealed on her blog this morning at around 2 A.M. The Gazette sponsored Habs Inside Out picked the story up early this morning.

I had a sixth sense notion that something was going on myself this weekend. Just a real strong feeling!

I wanted to write about Sundin again Sunday night, but it's a road well travelled.

Coincidently, at HIO around 12:30 a.m., I dropped a comment saying, "They met late Sunday night to avoid the spies!"

Little did I know sleuth J.T. was playing 007.

Of course now, you'll want to speed right over to her blog, before ordering you blue, blanc, rouge jersey with a number 13 on it!

Thanks for doing the Habs world a big favor girl!