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Komisarek Grounded In The Present

Article translated from Marc de Foy's column in today's Le Journal.

Mike Komisarek understands what a long, difficult road it is to the Stanley Cup.

Hopes are high in Montreal in this centennial season. In many a mind, it's the Cup or nothing this time around. When asked if the players share this sentiment, Komisarek place things in perspective.

"At the beginning of each season, every team believes it can win the Cup", Komisarek said. "But in the end, only one team gets there. Last season it was Detroit and we want to be that team this year."

All hopes are legitimate, but winning the Cup requires a great deal of sacrifice and focus.
Without taking away anything from the Canadiens, they are a club that few saw in their Crystal ball one year ago, when it comes to aspiring to the Cup this season.

With the city of Montreal being what it is in terms of hockey madness, one senses a completely different atmosphere this time around.

Komisarek was asked if the Canadiens were ready to take the next step.

"New players have been brought into the team", he began, "They will need to be incorporated and integrated into the team. We must make them feel part of the team. We form a good club with several big time players."

"We can incorporate those new players into the team, but everyone must work as a team. Everything needs to fall in place at the right moment."

On a personal note, Komisarek is another of many players on the team whose contract runs out at season's end. As a potential free agent without compensation, many fans of the big defenseman feel the Canadiens must settle his contract question as soon as possible.

If Canadiens management feel the same way, they will look to get Komisarek under contract before he's available to the highest bidder.

"I'll think about that contract once the time comes", says Komisarek. "My job for now is to report to my team in the best shape possible."