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Canadiens New Goal Song

Some enterprising fan has posted a short clip of the Canadiens new goal song at You Tube.

You decide if it is an upgrade over U2's "Vertigo"!

In the short clip, in which the monstrous new Bell Centre board is shown, the final, chanting part of the song can be heard amongst the screaming multitudes.

The "Hey Ho, Let's Go" chorus towards the end of the song is played, and no it is not the Ramones "Blitzkrieg Bop"!

The song is called "Generation" by the band Simple Plan. A clearer clip of them performing the song can be seen and heard in the second clip below.

My choice, (Hey I'm freaking old school, big time here!) would have been for someone to re-record Michel Pagliaro's 1972 classic "J' Entends Frapper".

The title loosely translated into "I Hear You Knocking" and a sample lyric from the chorus says....

"J'entends frapper,
Enfin ma chance va tourner,
Je suis heureux d'apprendre,
Que tout n'est pas terminer"

....which says "Opportunity is knocking, my luck is turning, I'm happy to learn, it ain't over yet!"

Other lines in the tune make the song is rallying cry of sorts, to get one's ass moving.

It would need a modern makeover, but I think it fits. It is very celebratory in certain senses.

Here's a clip with shots of a scruffy old Pag from Beloeil, the Gumper's neck of the Laurentian woods.