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How Will The Sundin Question Unfold?

I had a little idea overnight to make the Sundin saga way more funner that the whole outstretched melodrama has been so far.

Grasping at the starvation ration of quotes on the subject has been frustrating beyond belief, and this would be way more fun than watching paint dry on growing grass.

A friend of our family is about to give birth in the coming weeks and family members have started a kind of pool to guess the details once the newborn arrives. You might have been part of such a thing in your inner circle: predict the birth date, the sex, the weight, height, hair or bald....that kind of thing.

I thought that doing a similar thing in regards to Sundin might alleviate the tension, and or, boredom with the subject.

This could be kept as an open thread here, until what happens, happens....finally!

State your prediction on these five questions.

Mats Sundin will announce he is either retiring or playing or signing with a particular team on which date, and what will it be, play or not.

Retire or play?
What date will the announcement (either way) occur on?
What team will he choose?
How many years will the contract be for?
What will be the annual amount of the contract?

The person who nails it or comes closest in all five questions will be named the winner.

The winner will receive a crystal ball in the mail. Of course they should know full well when it will arrive!