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What Some Fans Won't Do For A Pair Of Habs Tickets

I heard a funny / sad tale driving around this morning on CKAC radio.

You could file it under "what some Habs fans won't do for a pair of tickets to a game".

CKAC is running a contest that is basically asking participants to show or prove how big of a Habs you are. The biggest fans gets the 2 tickets for Saturday's game.

The winner was chosen and awarded the tickets, and I tuned in as the commentator - I believe it was Michel Langevin this morning - was speaking about e-mails exchanged between the winner and the radio station.

The guy who won was named Lauzon, but I could not verify this for certain.

Apparently was he did was paint his house in Habs colours, top to bottom and all four sides. The station was impressed to be sure, as were the many fans who caught the pictures of it in facebook and different fans sites.

Apparently...but, here's the catch.

Appearances can be deceiving. This man it turns out, is no house painter. When was questioned about painting the house, it was said that he skated around the questions swiftly, using terminology that never gave up his ruse until he admitted to it later.

The man was a graphic artist!

It seems he took a photo of his house and photoshopped it so good it fooled a lot of people.

Actually, if you look at the logo on top of this post and compare it to the one on his house, you can almost see what might have given him away.

In the logo, there is a downward arc through the top half of the "C" in a slightly lighter shade of red. There are logo's with this shading for every NHL team and I believe they were created for TSN.

Another thing that gives it away is the blurred license plate numbers on his Honda!
What a crook!

Unfortunately, he didn't break any contest rules and he gets to keep the tickets. How he sidestepped the rules involved creative use of the word "creation".

Talk about artistic licence!

At the moment when I tuned in, the host Langevin, and commentators Gabriel Gregoire and former Hab Dave Morrisette were talking about what this guy had done and giving it a big thumbs down. Apparently, they had ripped into him earlier, after he had admitted and apologized for the ruse via e-mail.

Of course, by then, he had the tickets firmly in hand!

What got the commentators fired up was this guy's second e-mail response after they tore into him. After being likened a cheater, he flung arrows back at Gregoire and Morrisette in regards to their steroid use. Both were about to defend their use by stating it wasn't illegal in their sports at the time, but Langevin stepped up and said there was no need for them to have to do so.

I would have liked to have caught more of it, but I had stayed in the car as long as I could.

Hopefully there will be more coming out of this story.