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Habs Girls Of The World Unite

There is a Facebook site called Habs Girls that is having a contest to find the "First Annual Habs Girl".

The chosen winner will win gifts from names such as La Senza, Oakley, Oil Of Olay, and a Rolls Royce.

Just kidding about the Rolls!

The rules are simple. There ain't any. Just be a Habs Girl. Throw on something bleu, blanc and rouge with a CH on there somewhere, get a picture taken, and send it in.

Better yet, take off something bleu, blanc, and rouge with CH that reveals something else underneath that is bleu, blanc and rouge with a CH, and send that in. Hell, just send it to me and I'll enter you....or something like that!

At the moment, there are a mere 60 or so entrants, so it's wide open...

The contest ends when the Habs step from the ice for the last time. In other words, you have until the second week of June.

Only a portion of the pictures featured here below are at the Facebook site. I posted them all together here because....well because I can, so I hope you enjoy them.

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