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Habs For Breakfast: Smiling Gainey Edition

When I listen to games on CKAC or watch on RDS, the intonation of Carey Price's name en francais is starting to sound more and more like "Carry Priiiiiize!

I think it is high time that every fan who doubted how Price has been brought along by Gainey and Carbonneau admit they were wrong about it. From that draft day in 2005, right up until this trade deadline, and all steps in between, all moves involving Price have been questioned.
Listen.....I think it has stopped now!

Gainey deserves much credit for how he has handled Price. With Patrice Brisebois scoring the game's lone goal last night, I think we actually caught a glimpse of Gainey's smile from the TD Banknorth pressbox.

One more win against these pesky Bruins, and we can start disliking another team for ten days, but let's not get ahead!

Price Puts Bruins On The Brink - Gazette

"A perfect blend of young and old has given the Canadiens a chance to clinch their Eastern Conference quarterfinal series against the Boston Bruins on home ice Thursday night." - Pat Hickey

Coach Carbo Plays Cards Close To Vest - Gazette

"You can tell it's playoff time because the Canadiens' camp was clothed in a veil of secrecy before Game 4 of their series against the Bruins. While there was speculation head coach Guy Carbonneau would add Ryan O'Byrne's size and muscle to the defence corps and assign Mark Streit to a forward line, the coach refused to tip his hand." - Pat Hickey

Habs Price In The Zone - Gazette

"Bob Gainey took a chance when he moved Cristobal Huet at the trading deadline, but rookie Carey Price is making the general manager look good. On a night when Huet was being shelled by the Philadelphia Flyers, Price added to his impressive résumé by picking up his first National Hockey League shutout." - Pat Hickey

Price Shuts Out Bruins For 3-1 Series Lead - TSN

"The only thing that makes it special is that we only won by one," Price, 20, said of his 27-save performance. "But it wasn't only me out there. I thought everybody deserved a goose egg tonight. I wish a shutout like that can be under everybody's column."

Habs Put Bruins On The Edge - Globe Sports

"To Montreal Canadiens fans, the pages that have been yanked off calendars since they last celebrated a playoff series win seem to go back further than 48 months — but now their team is in a position to end the dry spell." - Tim Wharnsby

Price Fantastic As Montreal Sqeaks Out A Nailbitter - Lions In Winter

"You could tell right from the beginning that this game was going to be close and whenever a game is close the goalies are usually the key. Price made one save that kept us ahead in the game and that was absolutely phenomenal." - Tobalev

On The Job Training - The H Does Not Stand For Habs

"They've learned when the opposition smothers the players who carried the team all year, the supporting players must step up and be the heroes. Smolinski, Kostopoulos, Brisebois...all scratches this year...have been the warriors leading the team into the fray. They've bought the team time until the high-flyers can adapt and make the contributions they're expected to make." - J.T.

4-15-08: Canadiens 1 Bruins 0 - Theory Of Ice

"Is there anything more excruciating than a one-goal playoff game? One-goal regular season games are usually just dull, the kind of situation where you’re just as likely to get exasperated with your own team playing conservatively as with the opposition and scream for someone to just fucking open up a little. But now that it’s the playoffs, a full period of dump-in lead-protection is somehow the absolute height of drama." - E

Montreal With A Big Shutout Win Made Me Very Happy Tonight - Dennis Kane's Excellent Montreal Canadiens Blog

"Whew. That was as blue collar, lunchpail as you’re ever going to see. It was playoff hockey, tough, close, hard- working, well-earned chances at either end. And Montreal won the big one, a 1-0 shutout, and it doesn’t get any better, or any more beautiful than this. Up three games to one and going back to Montreal." - Dennis Kane

Du grand Carey Price - RDS

"Le gardien Carey Price, d'un calme légendaire devant son filet, a brillé pour mériter un premier jeu blanc en carrière en séries. Il a bloqué 27 tirs dirigés vers lui. Il s'est signalé à plusieurs reprises notamment en première contre la recrue Milan Lucic, qui a été frustré après s'être faufilé entre deux défenseurs."

Des succès mérités pour Patrice - RDS

"Patrice Brisebois se distingue depuis le début des séries éliminatoires, car il prend son rôle très au sérieux. Il veut prouver à tout le monde qu’il est encore en mesure de jouer à un très haut niveau." - Benoit Brunet

Carbonneau aime Milan Lucic - RDS

"Il a été de loin leur meilleur joueur, a dit Guy Carbonneau. Il joue très bien. J'aime sa façon de jouer. Il est physique, il est rapide et il s'implique. Il n'est pas salaud. J'aime vraiment le regarder jouer."

Carbo: "C'étais un must" - La Presse

"C'est le genre de match duquel on ressort avec des ecchymoses et des sacs de glace", a soutenu Carbo. "Mais c'est du hockey agréable à jouer et agréable à regarder. Tout le monde était engagé." - Marc Antoine Godin

"J'ai mis tout mon poids sur mon bâton": Brisebois - Le Journal

"On avait l'impression que Patrice Brisebois flottait sur un nuage après la victoire obtenue à l'arraché. Le vétéran défenseur de 37 ans a su profiter d'un beau jeu d'Andrei Kostitsyn pour marquer l'unique but de la rencontre." - Pierre Durocher

Un 700,000 $ bien investi - Le Journal

"Voici une façon différente d'analyser un match de hockey pour le propriétaire George Gillett. En marquant l'unique but de cet affrontement endiablé et en permettant à son équipe de remporter une victoire qui pourrait faire toute la différence dans cette série, Patrice Brisebois a représenté pour Gillett le meilleur investissement de 700000$ qu'il ait fait cette saison." Betrand Raymond

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