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Habs For Breakfast: Over in 5?

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Could it all be over for Boston tonight? Will they be joining the Leafs and Senators on the links?

Not so fast, right?

Sixty minutes of grinding it out, but the canadiens will be doing themselves a big favor by scoring a lot earlier than the 39 minute mark. Should they get on the board quick, you'll see the worst of the Bruins come out.

Keep an eye out for Habs aiming at Chara's ribs, now that good old Harry Sinden let the cat out of the bag.

Heard on CKAC yesterday that Aaron Ward is goners for the season with a mushed up knee.

I predict a classic tonight!

Canadiens Wary Of Bruins Comeback - Gazette

"Overcoming a three-games-to-one deficit in the NHL playoffs might be a rare occurrence, but it has been done. And Steve Bégin had a front-row seat for one of those comebacks." - Herb Zurkowsky

Bruins Keep Chara's Ribs Under Wraps - Gazette

"If the Boston Bruins are eliminated by the Canadiens, maybe they can blame it on Zdeno Chara's rib injury. What rib injury, you say? - Pat Hickey

Hitman Bégin Has Bruins Running For Their Lives
- Gazette

"In the Canadiens' dressing room a half-hour after Tuesday's game, perspiring so heavily that he probably needed scissors to remove his longjohns, Bégin was considering not what his team had just done, but what it still must do." - Dave Stubbs

Morale Booster At The Bell Lifs Players To A Special High - Gazette

"One lineup change tonight: The seventh man is dressing for the Canadiens. We can safely assume that Game 5 at the Bell Centre will be a sellout. That's 144 in a row - with the prospect of at least two more if the Canadiens beat the Bruins and advance to the Eastern Conference semifinal round." - Mike Boone

Three Little Words Break Linguistic Ice - Gazette

"Okay, so which three words when strung together are like music to the ears of countless Quebecers? No, not even "free cold beer" does the trick. The words would be, of course, "et le but" - though, depending on the intensity of the situation, "but" can be stretched into a 10-second "buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut." - Bill Brownstein

Now That's Fan Loyalty - Gazette

"I go way back. When I was 17 in 1938 and playing high school hockey, I was a practice goalie for the Habs. I was the target for the team for two months," Boosamra said with a chuckle yesterday." - Alan Hustak

Wharnsby: Did Sinden break a golden rule? - Globe Sports

Carey Price Experienced Beyond His Years - HNIC Blog

"Perhaps it’s a testament to just how impressive the young Price has been this season that no one thought to ask his coach anything about him until the very end. But how many rookies, let alone rookie goalies, can enter the maelstrom of the NHL playoffs and act like he’s playing on his backyard rink?"

Toronto Sun Writer Takes Jab At Habs Fans - Habs Inside Out

"Alright Habs fans, you might want to take a deep breath before reading the article by Mike Stroble as he slams Habs fans, calling them whiners, among other things." - Kevin Mio

Bruins And Habs: Poles Apart - Lions In Winter

"This series is heating up. The games are interesting. The banter between fans almost more so. I have been reading around a bit and it got me thinking about how I cannot relate to anything Bruins fans say about their team, my team or, indeed, hockey." - Topham

13 To Go....1 To Bury The Broons - Four Habs Fans

"Now I'm going to do something that makes me feel icky: Breezer is playing well. Hell, he's been the only defencemen that has made a solid outlet pass, and he scored on an absolute bullet of a shot - everyone watching the game down at the Rose & Crown (shout out to Bryan and Fezworth!) thought the puck had gone over the glass, such was our collective disbelief that Breezer could play the role of offensive hero - or indeed anything other than pylon." - Panger76

Price redirige les éloges - RDS

"Les statistiques des gardiens sont directement liées au rendement de leur équipe, a-t-il expliqué. Depuis que je joue dans les rangs juniors, j'ai observé que les gardiens au sein de bonnes équipes ont de meilleures statistiques. Les gardiens qui font partie d'équipes moins compétitives en montrent de moins bonnes."

L’apprentissage se poursuit - RDS

"On savait déjà fort bien que le Canadien édition 2007-2008 pouvait étourdir plusieurs adversaires avec sa vitesse et sa créativité en attaque. On sait maintenant que cette formation peut gagner en séries éliminatoires, même contre des rivaux comme les Bruins." - Pierre Houde

Carbonneau trouve la presse trop sévère - La Presse

"Les Bruins ont bien joué", dit-il "mais ils doivent maintenant faire ce qu'aucune équipe n'a pas réussi à faire contre nous cette saison, soit nous vaincre trois fois de suite."

Une marée rouge qui dérange - Le Journal

"Ça me donne le goût de vomir", a éructé Melissa Mitza, qui tentait, avec les autres partisans des Bruins, d'enterrer les chants des amateurs du Canadien. "J'adore qu'on ait une rivalité si forte, mais je déteste les fans de Montréal, a-t-elle ajouté. Croiriez-vous que, sur l'autoroute, un gars m'a montré son cul et qu'il avait un logo du Canadien sur une fesse?"

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