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Habs For Breakfast - Next!

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Great game by the Habs, no life shortening 3rd period drama, awesome goaltending, and a whole 8 points in my playoff pool thanks to Carey and the Kostitsyn's.

Very reassuring and comforting to see the boys bring it when it was needing most!

Unsung Habs heroes of the night were Mark Streit and Steve Begin - a guy a like to refer to as the team's captain without a "C". Chara might have been playing with a bad elbow, but Bégin wouldn't be slowed by a cracked skull!

Hopefully downtown Montreal isn't in too bad a shape this morning!

Maybe Carey should go on CJAD and CKAC and tell fans to "Cool it!" Coming from him,it would make some sense and maybe have an effect next round!

For a good laugh, listen to what Higgins has to say about Carey at this HIO audio link!


"So, Carey Price, surely you tossed and turned on the eve of the most important hockey game of your young professional career? "No," the 20-year-old rookie goaltender said, shrugging. "I slept like a housecat." With Price purring along to his second shutout in six nights and his teammates firing on all cylinders, the Canadiens last night took a stride deeper into Montreal spring, advancing to the NHL's Eastern Conference semifinals with a 5-0 victory over the Boston Bruins." - Dave Stubbs

Habs Saved The Best For Last - Gazette

"On a night following a sun-splashed spring day, the Canadiens finally got what they desperately needed from their best players: their best. "Carey! Carey! Carey!" was the frequent chant throughout this 5-0 victory - the goalie's second in the series." - Red Fisher

Kostitsyn's Lead Scoring Parade - Gazette

"Tomas Plekanec said there were times when he felt left out while playing with brothers Andrei and Sergei Kostitsyn. "It seems they have a way of finding each other," Plekanec said. "They talk to each other and then it seems they find a way to do something on the ice. Sometimes, I think they don't need me out there but I don't care as long they score goals." And that they did last night. Andrei scored two goals and set up Sergei for a third as the Canadiens wrapped up their best-of-seven quarterfinal series against the Bruins with a 5-0 victory." - pat Hickey

Habs Close To Perfection - Gazette

"The Canadiens just got better as the game went on. They had more hits than the Bruins; they had more blocked shots. They won more facefoffs and they had more shots on goal. Most importantly, they scored more goals." - Pat Hickey

Canadiens Dominate Bruins In Game 7 - TSN

"Some time in the second or third game we got away from our style," said Kovalev, who had a pair of assists. "They played hard against us and we tried to do the same back to them - maybe to try to show who's stronger. That's not our game. And then it takes a while to get your game back and I think that's why we lost the last two games. But we got it back. Fast-paced hockey for 60 minutes. That's our game."

Canadiens Finally Put Away Bruins - Globe Sports

"The Canadiens deserve credit for returning to their game plan Monday night. They brought their physical side, as they did for the first two games, and they reverted to their blue-collar worth ethic by dumping the puck in deep and using their speed to get to it first." - Tim Wharnsby

Canadiens Turn Dread Into Cheers - Globe Sports

"Human nature being what it is, they started to count their chickens — not just the fans, but the players as well, who all too obviously relaxed after squeaking by in the fourth game — and then over the course of the weekend, learned an ancient lesson." - Stephen Brunt

Rioting Fans Torch Police Cars - Globe Sports

"Television helicopter footage showed one instance where a pair of vandals on a darkened street set ablaze the interior of a damaged, abandoned police car while a third person recorded the act with his cellphone. A handful of others stood by watching. Police spokeswoman Constable Anie Lemieux could not confirm the number of arrests but several men were taken away in handcuffs, including some wearing Canadiens jerseys who pounded a car with cement blocks. Several stores were also damaged." - Sid Banarjee

Mission Accomplished - Lions In Winter

"With the game at 1-0 Boston was still very much alive. What the Habs needed was a little insurance and they got it with a spectacular effort from Mark Streit. The Habs were in the midst of a line change when Kovy hit a fresh Max Lapierre with a pass as he entered Boston's zone. Lapierre then dropped it for an equally fresh Streit. Mark then made a great move through the gaping hole in between Chara's legs and he was in alone on Thomas. He pulled off a great move to completely freeze the Boston goalie and then neatly slid the puck 5-hole to send us well on our way." - Tobalev

Montreal Remembers Their Game Just In Time And Puts Stake In Bruins - Dennis Kane's Excellent Montreal Canadiens Blog

"Alex Kovalev was flying, so were the guys who had been in a funk - the Kostitsyn’s, Tomas Plekanec, Chris Higgins, Mark Streit, and about ten others. Carey Price, who went from giving up ten goals in two games to none when it counted the most, in game seven, was fabulous, and showed he doesn’t rattle in a pressure cooker." - Dennis Kane

Nearer My God To Thee - The H Does Not Stand For Habs

"Don't get me wrong. I'm not the breed of Canadiens' fan anyone can accuse of having become complacent about losing. I want a Cup every year. I want it badly. I'm really, really tired of waiting for the franchise to turn around. So, if (when) the Habs bow out, it will hurt. It will burn. Bruins' fans will laugh and TSN panelists and certain unmentionable members of the cast of HNIC will gloat." - J.T.

Elimination Schmelimination - The H Does Not Stand For Habs

"So I should have believed last night. Despite the lousy performances in the previous two games, and the fact that the Bruins had imposed their game on the Canadiens for the previous five. I should never have doubted the Habs could pull it together when it really counted." - J.T.

TMS Rants - Four Habs Fans ( Robert L Note: Something every fan needs to read here!)

"Montreal is the greatest city in the world. I'm proud to call this city my home for nearly 40 years. But now we look like idiots to everyone else. So this morning, I am no longer proud. I'm just f*ck*ng embarassed." - Habs Fan29

Au suivant, finalement - RDS

"Cette série s'est terminée de la bonne façon. Mais ce ne fut pas facile, a commenté Saku Koivu. On n'a pas bien joué dans les cinquième et sixième matchs. Les Bruins se sont bien battus pour prolonger la série jusqu'à la limite."

L'union réussie des frères Kostitsyn - RDS

"J'ai appris après l'entraînement du matin qu'on allait jouer ensemble. J'étais très content", a dit Andrei après l'élimination des Bruins. "C'est la première fois qu'on jouait ensemble durant tout un match. Avant, on n'avait fait que quelques présences."

Streit a l'habitude des matchs sans lendemain - La Presse

"C'est comme ça lorsqu'on joue pour la Suisse", racontait Streit avant le septième match que le Canadien et les Bruins de Boston devaient disputer, lundi soir, au Centre Bell. "Chaque rencontre est très importante. On ne peut se permettre de perdre contre l'Allemagne ou le Bélarus sans risquer la reléguation dans le groupe B."

C'était magique - La Presse

"Les " Olé ! Olé ! Olé " entonnés après les buts de Mike Komisarek, Mark Streit, les deux d’Andrei Kostitsyn et celui de son frère Sergei tout comme les arrêts du jeune Price ont fait vibrer le Centre Bell toute la soirée." - François Gagnon

"Ce gars la est phénoménal": Komisarek - Le Journal

"Price ne cesse de m'impressionner, a commenté Komisarek. Il n'a que 20 ans, mais il joue comme un vétéran de 10 saisons dans la LNH. "On savait qu'il allait rebondir avec une solide performance", a-t-il ajouté. "Il l'a toujours fait depuis le début de sa carrière. Il a démontré beaucoup de caractère."

Bégin: "C'est ça, le Canadien!" - Le Journal

Steve Bégin était bien fier de son équipe et il l'a fait sentir. "C'est un travail d'équipe qui vient d'être réalisé, tous ont bien joué, tous se sont impliqués", a-t-il commencé à dire en affichant un sourire de satisfaction. "Nous n'avons pas donné de chances aux Bruins, parce que nous avons tous fourni un deuxième et un troisième effort." - François Ferland

"L'important c'etait de gagner": Price - Le Journal

"Carey Price a peut-être concédé dix buts lors des cinquième et sixième matchs de la série, mais les deux jeux blancs qu’il a signés auront probablement fait la différence. Mais le principal intéressé ne semble pas trop s’en soucier. "C’est bien beau le jeu blanc, mais l’important c’était de gagner et de passer à la ronde suivante. Une victoire de 10 à 9 aurait fait pareil", affirmait Price le plus calmement du monde après le match. - Charles - André Marchand

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