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Habs For Breakfast - Canadiens Let One Slip Away

I'm in a foul mood!

As you have undoubtably seen and will read through today's link, the Canadiens kicked total butt last night, but couldn't thread the needle.

They made a lucky Biron look, by either throwing things right at him or shooting wide.

What I found worse, were the multitude of calls that went missing in this game. The officiating was so brutal, I was tempted to watch the game a second time, and chronologically take note of everything that went uncalled.

I didn't need the additional excercise in frustration, but it was apparent that the officials that worked this game were so far out of step with the play, it was embarrasing. I could get into detail...but enough already.

Carey Price is being pointed as having let in a pair of softies, but those Flyers goals were wicked accurate top corner shots that are exactly what they need to do to beat him.

The bottom line is that the Flyers nailed their few scoring chances and the Habs missed a whack of them. Some games just go that way.

What really riled me up were the Flyers arrogant smirks near the end of the game. Is that what they do when they get lucky and take a game they had no business winning?

For the entirety of the contest, it was the Flyers tactic to have sticks, gloves and elbows up by the Habs faces and heads. A Flyer would hit a Canadiens player, then another would charge into him three seconds later while he was still pinned. I saw a dozen blatant infractions worthy of penalties and the Flyers were allowed to set a real ugly tone in this one.

I couldn't believe my ears then, when after the game, Flyers coach Stevens starts ragging on the Kostopoulos sucker punch late in the game to Timonen. After the Flyers filled the keg with gunpowder, he brings this up?

Clearly, Stevens didn't want to discuss what really went on.

When sticking simply to the game of hockey, the Flyers obviously can't match the Canadiens. How they plan to counter this was apparent in this game.

It should be an all out war in Game 3.

Flyers Even Series - Gazette

"Martin Biron stymied the Canadiens in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinal, but he had help from the gang that couldn't shoot straight. The statistics speak to Montreal's shortcomings. In addition to the 36 shots on net, the Canadiens had 23 shots blocked and another 21 missed the mark." - Pat Hickey

This Time, The Other Goalie Was The One Stealing The Show - Gazette

"Next Saturday, it's a pretty safe bet you'll be a moist-palmed spectator of your heroes at the Bell Centre, where depending on the work of Biron and Price, this already-fine series will: a) send Montreal to the conference final, eight victories from their 25th Stanley Cup; b) dispatch the Canadiens into summer, or; c) head back to Philadelphia a week from tonight for Game 6." - Dave Stubbs

Flyers Brière, Biron Deserve 'A' For Effort - Gazette

"What's that they say about the acquisitions and/or trades you don't make are often are the best? Canadiens management hasn't spent any time feeling sorry about their inability to land Brière - and shouldn't - but they must have felt at least a small twinge last night when 13:33 into this game Brière." - Red Fisher

Missed Chances Cost Canadiens - Globe Sports

"We're obviously disappointed with the loss, but we carried that game," said Montreal goalie Carey Price, who did not have a strong game. "If we could have buried half of our open-net chances we could have won 8-4." - Tim Wharnsby

Biron Stands Tall - TSN

"I think Carey said he could have played better," said coach Guy Carbonneau. "Three goals on 13 shots, that's not what we've seen from him in the past. But those first two goals were good shots. We had open nets and missed them, but a good player makes his own luck and Biron was good."

Habs Outplay Philly, Biron Outplays Price - Lions In Winter

"For the third time in 4 games Saku was our best player. He was absolutely dominant tonight as he seemed to be involved in almost every one of the Canadiens' serious chances. His play has inspired Higgins who is playing great hockey right now too. What I continue to notice about Saku that is so unique is the way he uses his body, his stance and his skates to keep and win the puck. He is constantly not only winning open pucks, but is holding on to them long enough to find an open winger or point-man." - Tobalev

Flyers Even The Series, Montreal Will Now Have To Win In Five - Dennis Kane's Excellent Montreal Canadiens Blog

"Montreal had their chances, to be sure. They could have won this game by three or four goals. Christopher Higgins hit the post late in the game. Almost everyone came close at one time or another. But Flyers goaltender Martin Biron was good, Carey Price not quite so good, and Mike Richards and Derian Hatcher are a couple of pricks." - Dennis Kane

Il faudra s'ajuster en défensive - RDS

"Défensivement, il faut se poser la question au sujet d'une possible blessure à Markov. Il ne joue pas le hockey auquel il nous a habitué en saison régulière. Et c'est évident que lorsque Markov ne joue pas à la hauteur de ses capacités, ça a un effet sur Komisarek." - Jacques Demers

"Martin a été incroyable" - RDS

"C'est bizarre, mais on connaît nos meilleurs matchs quand on accorde beaucoup de tirs", a relevé le gardien natif de Lac Saint-Charles, dans la région de Québec. "Au premier tour, ç'a été le cas dans trois victoires de la série contre les Capitals de Washington."

Price: "Je peux mieux jouer, c'est clair" - La Presse

"Globalement, j'évaluerais ma performance à 6 sur 10, a noté Price. Sur le premier but, j'ai tenté de soulever mon épaule, mais je n'ai pas réussi à temps. Sur le dernier, on a frappé mon gant avec le bâton..."C'est clair que je peux mieux jouer, et c'est ce que je vais faire dès le prochain match."

Higgins: "Les occasions sont là" - La Presse

"Les occasions sont là et on finira bien par en profiter, a pourtant assuré Chris Higgins. On en a eu suffisamment pour se sentir bien à propos de notre attaque. Le problème, c'est que les séries sont une affaire d'exécution."

Le Canadien a tout fait sauf gagner - La Presse

"Benoît Brunet a dit qu’il ne l’avait jamais vu jouer aussi bien en séries. Moi j’ajouterais que je ne l’ai jamais vu joué aussi bien, point. Brillant lors des mises en jeu, agressif, rapide, hier, avec un but et une passe, il a été le cœur et l’âme du Canadien puisque de Kovalev, même s’il a obtenu une aide sur le but Koivu, on n’a pas vu grand-chose." - Michel Blanchard

"J'ai toujours dit qu'un bon joueur fait sa chance" - Guy Carbonneau - Le Journal

"Le Canadien a-t-il été volé par Martin Biron ou a-t-il raté trop d'occasions de marquer ? s'est fait demander l'entraîneur en chef Guy Carbonneau au début de son point de presse hier soir." - Marc De Foy

L'émotion a monté d'un cran - Le Journal

"Nous avons davantage montré nos vraies couleurs ce soir", a déclaré Scott Hartnell. "Mais, il faut l'admettre, nous ne nous rendons pas la vie facile. Lors du premier match, nous avons laissé filer une avance de deux buts. Cette fois, nous avons tenu le coup, mais nous n'avons certes pas été parfaits." - François Foisy

"Je n'ai pas soulevé le disque suffisamment": Tomas Plekanec - Le Journal

"J'avais regardé comment Andrei Kostitsyn s'y était pris lors du tir de pénalité qu'il avait obtenu dans le premier match. J'ai essayé un tir du revers, mais ça n'a malheureusement pas réussi."