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Habs For Breakfast - April 26, 2008

A few notes about today's links.

There is a story in La Presse today about the relationship between Carey Price and his father Jerry. As it is not in English, I wanted to point out a little anecdote from it.

When Carey was playing midget, he was involved in a tournament where his team was so outmatched, they were given no chance of winning at all. The heavily favored team outshot Carey's team 65-15. Carey's team won 3-1. The other team had already ordered their rings!

Hockey's Greatest Legends is running down all the Stanley Cup winners starting with the Canadiens in 1930 and 1931. Check 'em out - it's a good history lesson.

Blogger Dennis Kane had an interesting idea - a dream actually - he wants to be the flag boy at the Bell Centre for one game.

Usually the Canadiens employ a couple of kids from local minor hockey and have them do a lap around the ice and Dennis wants in on it.

I can't blame him. What a thrill that would be!

I got a good mind to mimic his letter to the Canadiens organization.

How cool would that be? A pair of Habs hockey bloggers carrying the flag in honour of their favorite team.

I've had crazier things happen in my life!

I should write that letter!

Puck Stops Here - Globe Sports

"He bends a long finger up toward the line from John McCrae's In Flanders Fields that graces the Canadiens' dressing room wall ("To you from failing hands we throw the torch; be yours to hold it high ...") and runs it across faces once distributed across the country by Beehive Corn Syrup — the Rocket, the Pocket Rocket, Boom Boom Geoffrion, Plante — until he stops at one that it seems no 20-year-old aboriginal kid from the isolated northern B.C. community of Anahim Lake could possibly know. "There's George Hainsworth," he says." - Roy MacGregor

Brothers Providing Spark For Habs - Globe Sports

"Down 2-0 in the second period, the Kostitsyns enjoyed some dynamite shifts. Their stellar play resulted in a penalty shot for Andrei and a skillful rush from Sergei that his older sibling finished off, scoring Montreal's first goal en route to an important come-from-behind 4-3 victory in overtime in the second-round series opener against the Philadelphia Flyers." - Tim Wharnsby

Gritty Sparkplug - Gazette

"Things can change so quickly," Kostopoulos said when asked about his new-found celebrity. "Halfway through the year, a lot of fans probably weren't too happy with me. The way things are going, there are some fans behind me, but it goes so quick." - Pat Hickey

Flyers Refuse To Blame Bad Breaks For Game 1 Loss - Gazette

"But if Kovalev doesn't hit it, it probably goes in the net anyway. The rebound shouldn't have been there in the first place. It should have been smothered or in the corner instead of popping up in the air. I don't want to put the rebound up in the air for somebody to whack it in." - Martin Biron

'It's not about me,' Flyers' Brière says - Gazette

"Brière had three shots, including one late in the second period that temporarily eluded Carey Price before the goaltender fell on it in the crease. Brière also was removed from the faceoff circle three times, was minus-1 and looked more like the player held by the Canadiens to two assists in four regular-season games." - Herb Zurkowsky

Habs Grinders Gain Carbonneau's Confidence By Producing - TSN

"The Habs checking line hasn't necessarily lit it up in the playoffs, but it's produced goals when the team needed them. Through the first three games of the Canadiens first round series against the Bruins, the line combined for eight points - with Kostopoulos scoring twice - while Montreal's big guns had trouble getting into playoff mode."

1930: Boston Chokes, Hainsworth Shuts The Door - Hockey's Greatest Legends

"Hainsworth was the key player of the post season. He led all performers with a brilliant 0.75 average and three shutouts in six games." - Joe Pelletier

1931: OT Hero Gardiner Can't Ground Flying Frenchmen - Hockey's Greatest Legends

"The year in 1931. The Montreal Canadiens are defending Stanley Cup champions are flying higher than ever. They are heavy favorites to repeat as title holders, facing the Chicago Black Hawks, who entered their first Stanley Cup finals." - Joe Pelletier

There's Still A Chance I Can Become A Montreal Canadien - Dennis Kane's Excellent Montreal Canadiens Blog

"This letter is regarding the two young kids at the beginning of the game who are dressed in Habs uniforms, carry flags, and skate around the Bell Centre ice. I would like to apply for this position.

Kostopoulos impressionne - RDS

"J’étais très excité après la victoire jeudi soir. Contre Boston, j’avais raté une belle chance en prolongation et j’y avais songé toute la nuit ", commente Kostopoulos. "Cette fois, j’ai obtenu deux chances marquer. Il est certain que je n’aurais pas dormi de la nuit si j’avais été incapable de compter." - Reneaud Lavoie

Le regard de papa Price sur son fils Carey - La Presse

"La chance n'a évidemment rien à voir là-dedans. Price s'est démarqué partout où il est passé. Chez les midgets, son équipe avait remporté contre toute attente le championnat provincial. "En finale, elle avait été dominée 65-15 dans les tirs au but, mais elle avait quand même gagné 3-1 contre l'autre équipe... qui avait déjà commandé des bagues de championnat", raconte papa Price." - Jean François Bégin

Carbo ne demande que d'être chanceux dans 16 matchs - La Presse

"On voudrait tous jouer des matchs parfaits, a-t-il repris. On n'a pas bien joué dans le premier match contre les Flyers, mais on a gagné. On a fait ce qui était nécessaire. On demeure une jeune équipe, je serai toujours inquiet." - Robert Laflamme

"Kostopoulos est sur une nuage": Carbonneau - Le Journal

"C'est le plus gros but de ma vie", a lancé un Kostopoulos tout sourire après avoir procuré une victoire de 4 à 3 au Canadien en prolongation jeudi soir. T.K., comme le sur nomment ses coéquipiers, a mangé son pain noir durant la saison. Il a souvent été laissé de côté par Guy Carbonneau." - Pierre Durocher

Des soldats venus d'ailleurs - Le Journal

"Don Cherry a repris une vieille rengaine à l'occasion de son segment télévisé, jeudi soir. Il a répété que le hockey appartient au Canada et que les meilleurs joueurs au monde sont canadiens. Quelqu'un pourrait-il nettoyer ses lunettes?" - Bertrand Raymond

Le temps de s'observer et s'ajuster - Le Journal

"Plutôt que de s'inquiéter, on devrait simplement saluer la victoire de jeudi obtenue de haute lutte. On a tendance à oublier que le hockey est un sport d'équipe et que les vedettes n'existent que pour traîner leurs coéquipiers dans leur sillon. C'est ce qu'a fait Alex Kovalev en marquant deux buts essentiels, dont l'un douteux évidemment mais combien important. Kovalev, dans sa version 2007-2008, joue un rôle majeur pour motiver ses jeunes coéquipiers." - Guy Lafleur

More from Habs Inside Out, RDS, La Presse, and Le Journal.