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Habs For Breakfast - April 18, 2008

Boy did the Habs get thumped last night!

I'm consoling the thought by repeating that this is a young team, and many of those youthful elements chose Game 5 to have an off night. Lessons and experience is what it adds up to.

Hopefully the Canadiens learn quickly enough so this thing doesn't stretch to 7.

Loss Means Unwanted Trip to Boston - Gazette

"Sooner or later, Canadiens goaltender Carey Price was going to forget his Superman cape at the dry cleaner's. It just so happens that came to pass last night at the Bell Centre, which sends the Canadiens to Boston today where the two clubs will continue their compelling playoff tomorrow night." - Dave Stubbs

Back to Beantown - Gazette

"We have to forget this game right away," Lapierre said. "Carey has been there for us all the playoffs and he's the reason we're here. They got lucky a little. I tried to clear it, but it hit a skate or a shin pad and then deflected off a stick." - Pat Hickey

Metropolit's Fluke Goal Gets Bruins Going - Gazette

"The hockey gods owed us one, and we got a good bounce," said Metropolit, who hadn't scored since Feb. 5, and notched a modest 11 goals and 33 points this season." - Herb Zurkowski

Habs Biggest Loss In 2 Months Gives Boston New Life - Lions In Winter

"Let's not forget who Kovalev is. He isn't Crosby, Malkin or Ovechkin, he is just a really good player on a really good team. He has been our best player lately, but he isn't the only reason we are where we are. My fear is that Alex thinks he should be doing more, and he seems to be forgetting how he had so much success this year." - Tobalev

Building A Mystery - The H Does Not stand For Habs

"I was wondering today how a franchise can have such a pervasive identity that it trickles down and continues through generation after generation of players, coaches, owners, wins and losses. Mention the Montreal Canadiens, and what's the image that comes to mind? Despite years of futility and decades mired in a mucking, defensive style, the picture the name evokes is speed. Slick skating, smooth passing, offence...all accomplished at top speed." - J.T.

Nightmare At The Bell Centre - Dennis Kane's Excellent Montreal Canadiens Blog

"Now that the Bruins know they can win this series, what’s going to happen Saturday in Boston? Which Montreal team will show up, the great regular season one, or the lousy playoff one?" - Dennis Kane

4-17-08: Bruins 5 Canadiens 1 - Theory Of Ice

"I want to panic. No, wait, first I want to throw a giant screaming tantrum. I mean, another one, in addition to the one I already threw during the third period. And I want to burn a teddy bear in a Bruins jersey. And punch a Kennedy. So order of operations: recap, tantrum, teddy bear, Kennedy, panic." - E

Boston Spoils Montreal Party - Globe Sports

"The mood downtown and enveloping the Bell Centre was festive, in anticipation of the Montreal Canadiens' first series victory in the Stanley Cup playoffs in four years. But the heavy police presence intended to keep the would-be celebrants in order was not needed because the man who played a big role four years ago, former Habs coach Claude Julien, and now runs the Boston Bruins' bench had his magic working again last night." - Tim Wharnsby

"On leur a fait cadeau d'un but" - RDS

"J'ignorais qu'un joueur des Bruins se trouvait juste à côté. Il y avait de la circulation près du filet et j'ai voulu remettre la rondelle à Maxim, a expliqué Price. "Ce but ne m'a pas vraiment dérangé. Sauf que les Bruins en ont marqué un autre juste après."

Price connait ses premiers ennuis - La Presse

"Les partisans étaient prêts. Par dizaines, les policiers dépêchés à l'intérieur et autour du Centre Bell étaient prêts. Tout le monde était prêt à célébrer l'élimination des Bruins de Boston. Tout le monde, sauf les Bruins... - François Gagnon

"Une ereur de jeunesse": Guy Carbonneau - Le Journal

"On savait que ça se produirait tôt ou tard, a-t-il dit. Dans les séries, l'an der nier à Hamilton, Carey a connu de moins bonnes soirées et il a toujours rebondi dans le match suivant. Je sais qu'il va revenir en force demain soir à Boston."

Steve Begin: "On a laisser tomber Carey" - Le Journal

"Les Bruins ont tout simplement joué de chance sur ce jeu car la rondelle a dévié sur une jambière, a poursuivi le jeune attaquant. Il faut maintenant oublier cette défaite et revenir en force dans le sixième match à Boston." - Maxim Lapierre

"Personne va nous faire de cadeaux": Kovalev - Le Journal

"Après avoir essuyé une solide mise échec de Zdeno Chara qui lui a fait perdre son casque, il s'est vengé sur le grand défenseur des Bruins en lui appliquant un double échec dans le dos. Sa longue crinière blonde au vent, comme Guy Lafleur à ses beaux jours avec le Canadien, Kovalev a transporté la rondelle dans le territoire des Bruins avant de marquer à la suite d'un jeu de Patrice Brisebois." - Marc De Foy

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