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Habs Fans Are Out In Droves

Something about springtime and the Montreal Canadiens just seems to go hand in hand!

I'm not sure if it something that I could explain to younger fans of the Habs, but there is an innate connection that has a rebirth inside of me whenever the Canadiens aren't just in the playoffs at this time of year, but have a legitimate shot at going final four deep.

Fans of the team are talking hockey like they haven't all season. Casual fans of the game stand up and take notice of well the team is doing. Those little CH flags on cars are all over the place.

It's like a big swelling of emotion that comes out, a notion that predicts something special is in the air.

As a fan who has seen the Canadiens win 9 Stanley Cup, it's a familiar feeling I could get used to all over again!

I'm seeing Habs fans all around in my little Ontario city. I see those car flags they can't keep in stock at Jean Coutu, I saw the ball caps emblazonned with CH's everywhere I look, and I see fans in T - shirts, pullovers, and jackets with big grins on their faces.

I myself, wear my Habs colours as often as possible. Perhaps you are a bit like I am, in that when I see another person donning the logo and bleu blanc rouge, I immediately feel a warm sense of happiness. Like something bigger than all of us is about to be happening.

Twice before I have gathered together a pictorial tribute to sights of Habs fans here. I have been feeling like it is time for another. Over the last week I spents several days scourring the internet for facebooks and fan site for all types of Habs supporters decked out in their favorite colours.

Habs fans are everywhere, in every shape, size, and age. If you know of where I can find more shots like the ones below, or have something to add to this collection, e-mail me at and I'd be happy to include it here at the site. I will post it in the next Habs Fans posting, but for now I promise to throw it into the sidebar at Eyes On the Prize, right in the top right corner for all to see!

Here is the fruit of my work.