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Giving Your Body For The Habs - Another Fan Tribute

Talk about giving yourself up, body and all, for your favorite team! That is exactly what Sophie Lavallée offered up when she decided to have herself painted from head to toe by famed body paint artist Yanick Décaie at Places des Saules, a resto bar on Industriel Blvd last Thursday.

Before heading out to game 5 adorned in the Habs colours, Sophie's transformation was watched by almost 250 bar patrons.

Read all about Sophie's adventure at this Journal de Montreal link.

Now, if a picture is worth a 1000 words, then a short video clip such as this is worth a million other sounds!

From classrooms to businesses, beaches to snowbanks, bars to ....Mayan ruins, Habs fans are celebrating their team loud and proud. They are decorating their homes, painting their cars, and generally plastering the CH on everything including themselves. Dressing up their dogs, cats, and kids. Facepaints, hair cuts, tattoos, anything goes.

There is a facebook site for Habs Girls, and over 400 photo's at a Journal de Montreal link where Canadiens enthusiasts are having their pics posted. Check 'em out.