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Video - Stop This!

This is just too easy to make fun of!

Goalie Vesa Toskala of the Toronto Maple Leafs blew one last night, to the tune of 197 feet!

Toskala, who is a very good goaltender, was unfortunately on the wrong end of the mother of all dribbling pucks.

Rob Davidson of the Islanders was the goal scorer.

Davidson took a whack at the puck on end during an Islanders penalty and the thing skittered down ice, hopping and bobbing before doing a seeing eye flip at Toskala's knees.

Obviously, Toskala never played shortstop in Sweden!

It would be the only way the Islanders could beat Toskala on the night as the Leafs came back to win 3-1.

I have a $10 bill bet with my friend Mack that the Leafs make the playoffs. Mack's the Leafs fan - not me!

The refuse - to - die Leafs just keep coming up with new ways to win, as opposed to earlier in the season when they were inventing new ways to lose.

When I told Mack about this goal this morning, his quip was, "Well at least it wasn't McCabe who shot it!"

Perhaps the goal was just plain bad goalie karma. Check out the second of two clips here. Toskala is likely the only goalie ever to both give up, and score, on a 197 footer.

While we're at it with fluke goal video's, whatever happened to Patrik Stefan?

Here's a top 10 hockey bloopers, including a pair of goalies who fared no better than Toskala on some knuckleball's from hell.