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New Habs draft pick database

Dave Sandford/Getty Images

An updated feature at, and all other NHL team websites, now enables fans to look back at every single draft choice a team has made since 1963.

The profiles of literally hundreds of players can now be linked to via the hyperlinks on the page.

Readers can look at the list in reverse chronological order starting with the 2007 draft, or look up players by how high they were drafted overall, team by team, by country, amateur team, and position. Drafted players who have suited up for the Canadiens are noted by hyperlinks and you can view each players Montreal stats when clicking on their names.

Unfortunately there are no profiles on the players who did not make the Canadiens over the years, but each prospect curently on the Habs roster has an up-to-date hyperlink that allows viewing of their whereabout and profile.

For Canadiens players drafted between 1963 and the present, the most complete information sites are still Hockey Draft Central, which is updated only up to 1985, and the always reliable Hockey Database, where upon entering a name in the player search bar, the complete season by season profiles of players are listed.

A current A-to-Z listing of all prospects in the Montreal Canadiens system can be found by highlighting the "Team" link on the site's opening page and clicking on the "Prospects" hyperlink.