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Leafs Eliminated Tribute Part 2

Yesterday I posted a couple of dozen pictures, comics, and cartoons in mock tribute to the Toronto Maple Leafs getting a head start on golf season, as requested by a friend's son - one of those twisted tales of a father and his offspring not seeing eye to eye when it comes to hockey allegiances.

Mack's an old aquaintence of mine, and only recently did I learn about him having a son that was a Habs fan - that was news to me that Mack never admitted to!

I met Mack's son Jim recently, and a few days back, and we shared a few laughs as he requested I post all the Leafs humour I could find.

This site had a good day yesterday, as far as visitors go. I credit the Leafs laughs for bringing in almost 1500 hits. Someone caught light of what was posted here and it was noted at "Deadspin", a major big league blog, which brought in all kinds of additional views. Other sites and fan boards, most notably "All Habs" also linked up to the sprawl of pics. It added up to one of busiest days Eyes On The Prize has known.

When I posted the pics, I knew that they represented only a fraction of what was actually out there in regards to Leafs humour. The boys at the "All Habs" site that linked here had added some of their own at their home, but still I went looking for more.

I found a bunch more. Enjoy, and GO BRUINS!