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Habs For Breakfast: Not Full Yet?

Thought I'd throw out another ten links as Le Journal online was a bit late getting up and had a couple of really cool pieces on Alex Kovalev in the last few days that I just found this afternoon.

This daily Habs For Breakfast series seems to be a popular feature with readers as each post is getting near 700 hits per day. I never would have thought there would be such an interest in the links, especially since my pieces are in English and 60% of the links are in French. I decided to give the idea a try as I usually read all these media sites and blogs on a daily basis. It's pretty simple work for me to put the links up as I peruse them - it's an hour of reading and 25 minutes to post them up.

While I am at it, I want to thank readers for tuning into Eyes On The Prize in record numbers this month. I guess it had to do with the trade deadline speculation, a pair of links at Habs Inside Out on the Gainey and Pocket Rocket stories from Dave Stubbs, the Breakfast posts and the enthusiam over how good the Habs are doing. In all, readership shot up by 5,000 additional pair of eyes.

Now, to maintain the interest.....

The fun my friends, as you can sense it, is just beginning!

I had a good giggle when I saw the TSN site using this title to promo the Habs Devils battle tonight!

Eyes On The Prize - TSN

"Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils have it and the Montreal Canadiens want it - the top spot in the Eastern Conference. The Northeast Division-leading Canadiens seek their third straight win and first place in the conference standings tonight when they host the Devils, who are just one point ahead."

Kovalev Taking Flight With Montreal -

"I think he’s spreading his joy to the whole team," said Carbonneau. "It’s always fun when you have veteran players that will show the ropes to the kids. They come in and work hard in the gym, work hard on the ice to get better. That’s the reason they’re good, they work hard a lot. It’s fun for (young players) to come up and see those guys, because they don’t have a choice, they have to follow and keep working hard."

Piloting His Own Destiny -

"Kovalev said he has taken some teammates up in his plane, including defenseman Mike Komisarek. "I gave him the controls," said Kovalev. "He actually took off himself. It was a little bit too hard, but he got the experience. I backed him up. We went from the airport, we went out a few miles, he did some steep turns and all that, and it was pretty exciting for him to try it."

The Big Red Machine - The H Does Not Stand For Habs

"This season, I've seen Kovalev block shots, hustle back to cover his own zone and unselfishly dish the puck to his much younger linemates when he might have scored himself. His wristshot from the right circle has the accuracy of a night-vision scope.....Make no mistake about it, Alex Kovalev is the engine pulling this Habs train to first place in the East." - J.T.

Brodeur étonné que Huet se retrouve à Washington - Le Journal

"J'ai été surpris que le Canadien décide de faire confiance aux jeunes Carey Price et Jaroslav Halak. À mon avis, il est toujours bon de pouvoir compter sur un gardien d'expérience pour seconder une recrue", a raconté Brodeur au téléphone avant d'affronter Huet et les Capitals, hier soir, au New Jersey.

Latendresse a joué les Butterbean - Le Journal

"Plusieurs vétérans ont félicité Guillaume Latendresse pour sa victoire aux poings contre Nolan Pratt, à qui il a presque infligé un knock-out. Latendresse porte maintenant le surnom de Butterbean, en l'honneur du super poids lourd du même nom."

"Ce n'est vraiment pas mon style de jeu, mais Pratt m'a invité, commentait Latendresse. Entre les deux périodes, je me demandais si je lui avais fait mal."

Kovalev jouera tant qu'il avencera - Le Journal

"C'est Alex qui décide. On lui accorde le plus de congés possible pour qu'il soit au mieux les jours de matchs. Il a bien joué malgré cette blessure et on va le faire jouer tant qu'il ne nous dira pas qu'il n'est plus capable d'avancer", a indiqué Guy Carbonneau.

Un moment difficile à passer - Le Journal

"Je pense que le voyage dans l'Ouest va s'avérer salutaire pour l'équipe. Il va nous permettre de passer plus de temps ensemble et nous en aurons besoin, surtout que nous sommes à un moment décisif de la saison." - Guy Carbonneau

A un point d'être premier - La Presse

"En plus de se hisser au premier rang de la division Nord-Est, un point devant les Sénateurs d'Ottawa, le Canadien se retrouve à un point des Devils du New Jersey et du premier rang de l'Association de l'Est. Le premier rang sera à l'enjeu ce soir, au Centre Bell où le Canadien accueillera justement Martin Brodeur et les Devils." - François Gagnon

Plekanec et Kovalev ont le triomphe modeste - La Presse

"C'est plaisant d'avoir débloqué après une série un peu difficile, mais c'est surtout la victoire qui compte. Nous nous passons bien la rondelle et sur les deux premiers buts, Alex m'a servi de très belles passes", a lancé Plekanec.