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Habs For Breakfast - March 26, 2008

Seems like a whole lot of Habs bloggers are playing tag with with material of late. Earlier, in my Roy jersey retirement post, I had little choice but to reference T.C. and J.T. since they pounced on what Boone wrote on Monday faster than I did.

Hey, I think pointing to their points of view enriched to whole question?

Today, I have Topham from Lions in Winter pointing me out for some inspiration for his latest read, "From 0 to 96 With Time To Spare". Actually, he wrote about some things that have gotten my wheels spinning as well, about the Kostitsyn brothers.

What can you say about Habs bloggers? Seems like we're some kind of intellectual (not in my case) community connected by wins and losses.

From 0 to 96 With Time To Spare - Lions In Winter

"Robert L at Eyes on the Prize, once again providing me food for thought, stated last night's game was one of 4 pivotal games leading to these 96 points: Briere's first game vs. Montreal, the NJ comeback, the NYR comeback (and last night). Of course, every game is important, but I would also point to three critical junctures, which (in my opinion) allowed for the success we've seen." - Topham

10 Reasons For The Habs Unexpected Success - Gazette

"As the Canadiens take a well-deserved day off, here are 10 reasons why they are the first team to clinch a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference". - Pat Hickey

Temper Has Long Been Roy's Worst Enemy - HIO

"Yesterday, the QMJHL handed down its discipline in the case. Among it: Roy was suspended five games, his son banned seven games, and both teams were fined $4,000." - Dave Stubbs

Depth A Major Factor In Canadiens Success -

"One of our greatest strengths this season has been the ability to look to our bench and have guys step right in," Carbonneau said recently. "Everyone seems to know their role and fit in where we put them."

Roy Lacks Class That Habs Value So Highly - ESPN Page 2

"A few weeks back, the Canadiens honored Bob Gainey, their former captain and current general manager. The Canadiens specialize in these gala evenings. Fourteen Montreal players have had their numbers retired. On this night, Gainey took a sentimental skate around the rink wearing his No. 23 -- for the fans, the city and the game more than himself. The ceremony was like so much of the Canadiens' history and so little of sport these days. It was dignified." - Gare Joyce

Carbonneau Anxious To Discuss Junior Brawl With Roy - CP

"I always talk to him, especially in the summer for golf, and we always go to the draft together," Carbonneau said Wednesday of his long-standing relationship with Patrick Roy. "My feelings haven't changed with him. He's still my friend. It's not because we're rivals that I won't talk to him. I'm kind of anxious to talk to him to see what his reaction was and how he dealt with it."

The Price Of Winning The Cup - Bleacher Report

"This is what Carey Price is used to. He fits into these high level situations where everything seems to be on the line. Just last year he lead the Hamilton Bulldogs (Montreal's farm team) to a Calder Cup as an AHL rookie. The year before, he was team Canada's star goaltender, helping them win their third straight gold medal at the World Junior Championship. To top it all off, Price is an NHL rookie this year." - Shawn McKim

Les sceptiques ont été confondus - RDS

"Le Tricolore a déjoué tous les experts, même son capitaine Saku Koivu qui avait tenu des propos peu rassurants avant le début du camp d'entraînement."

Le Canadien a brûlé plusieurs étapes - RDS

"Il n’y a pas de honte à se dire surpris, aujourd’hui, de voir ce que cette équipe a réussi à accomplir. Il suffit d’écouter attentivement les propos de Guy Carbonneau pour constater que même l’entraîneur ne s’attendait pas à soutirer autant à cette formation. Certains joueurs ont connu une éclosion fulgurante et d’autres ont trouvé la fontaine de jouvence, avec comme résultat cette saison totalement inattendue." - Norman Flynn

Non, le Canadien n'a plus peur - La Presse

"Le Canadien a peut-être abattu le dernier complexe dont il souffrait. Car la victoire de lundi pourrait l'avoir débarrassé du sentiment d'infériorité qui teintait son rendement face aux Sénateurs d'Ottawa." - Marc Antoine Godin

Les frères Kostitsyn ont joué un rôle important - La Presse

"L'arrivée du cadet, Sergei (21 ans), le 13 décembre, a véritablement sonné le réveil de l'aîné Andrei (23 ans). Depuis ce temps, Andrei a amassé 40 points en 47 matchs. Avant l'entrée en scène de frérot, il en avait récolté seulement 11 en 26 rencontres." - Robert Laflamme

Roy ne figure plus sur le masque de Halak - Le Journal

"Jaroslav Halak a délaissé son masque rouge sur lequel on pouvait voir Patrick Roy soulevant la coupe Stanley en 1993." - Marc De Foy.