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Habs For Breakfast - 2008-03-04

Weird game last night - were the Habs jetlagged or twilight zoned?

Looks to me like Carey Price has trouble when he hits his fourth consecutive start. Is it just me, or does he only let it weak ones when he's played a string of games. The Jody Shelley knuckleball goal was tipped by Komisarek, by Price should not have over reacted and gone into such a quick crouch to stop it.

Perhaps the Sharks quick first goal destabilized him, not to mention the non call on one goal where he was pushed into his net and lost his stick - refs blew that one!

The Canadiens battled hard for most of this one, and better things should come from this road trip once they are acclimated to the California area.

It's always a bummer to read about losses after one, but today I found some interesting links that have to do with more ersonal stories. Don't miss reading about the Latendresse family and the exploits of the Cincinnati Cyclones. For the most part, the bloggers outdid the media in their writing efforts today.

For laughs, check out the dysfunction piece aimed at the Senators and Four Habs Fans always crackup take on a loss. Enjoy!

Habs Remain Close To Rivet's Heart - The Gazette

"I can honestly say that I loved every minute I spent in Montreal, even with the ups and downs, but when the trade came, I was prepared for it. I knew it was time to move on," Rivet said before the Sharks hosted the Canadiens last night.

Thornton's Big night Boosts Sharks Over Canadiens - Faceoff

"Tomas Plekanec scored twice for the Canadiens, who had a three-game win streak broken but retained the top spot in the Northeast Division following Ottawa's loss to Anaheim on Monday."

Living By Speed And Dying by Speed - The H Does Not Stand For Habs

"Well, the Canadiens defence got a taste of what the Habs' offence serves up to opponents every night. Unfortunately, the D looked pretty slow and helpless in the face of the Sharks' speed last night. I didn't see all of the game, but I saw Josh Gorges and Mike Komisarek look like pylons twice apiece." - J.T.

Pawn To Rook 4 - FHF

"Price found a way to make Brian Campbell look like Bobby Orr and Jonathan Cheechoo like,… Jonathan Cheechoo. Pencil in the Shelley Long special he offered up on a goal from the East coast and the kid would only have needed to air-drop a few bags of rice over scattered villages in Nicaragua to win the Humanitarian of the Night Award." - Habsfan 33

Habs Score 4 But It Isn't Enough - Lions In Winter

"I thought Max showed a lot of spirit tonight. The Habs looked tired and unmotivated for this game and it was Lapierre who was trying to get the troops going. His pest-like play is what we need out of him from here on in, the scoring is just a bonus. He scored a late goal to bring us back within one and give us hope." - Tobalev

3-4-08: Sharks 6 Canadiens 4 - Theory Of Ice

"It was close. For the most part, the two teams alternated goals, and while Montreal never had the lead, they kept themselves in the game. They played tenaciously. Tenacious is good. We can respect tenacity. But personally, I think this game wasn’t so lopsided that they should be happy just to have hung in there like the orange tabby kitten on the inspirational poster that someone will doubtless by buying for Price tomorrow morning. They can do better." - E

And finally, not a Habs related read, but truse me, you'll enjoy this one tremendously nonetheless!

Senators Deserve Dysfunction Award - The Gazette

"Before launching into today's subject, we urge the NHL to consider adding an award recognizing team and/or individual dysfunction to the list of 87 or so awards it hands out." - Ed Willes

Carey Price ne l'avait pas - RDS

"Chancelant tout au long du match, Price a donné un cadeau aux Sharks de San Jose en fin de deuxième période, un but au prolifique Jody Shelley sur un tir de la ligne bleue, et les Sharks ont finalement vaincu le Canadien 6-4."

La belle histoire des Latendresse - RDS

"Ils ont commencé à jouer pour le plaisir, Guillaume est 15 mois plus jeune que Olivier donc je les amenait au parc et on a fait une patinoire dans la cour arrière. Olivier a commencé à patiner et Guillaume a suivi immédiatement. Ils ont fait un peu de soccer, mais le hockey était leur sport. Ils faisaient les écoles de hockey l'été, on s'est promené un peu aux États-Unis. On a eu beaucoup de plaisir", affirme Alain Latendresse.

Rivaliser avec les équipes de l'ouest - RDS

"Maintenant, le mandat du Canadien sera de démontrer comment il pourra rivaliser avec les équipes de l’Association de l’ouest qui préconisent dorénavant un style beaucoup plus robuste." - Gaston Therrien

Gainey convoitait-il Martin Havlat? - La Presse

"Gainey se serait informé de la disponibilité de Martin Havlat après avoir renoncé à acquérir Marian Hossa, mais la conversation n'aurait pas duré longtemps, puisque Tallon exigeait Chris Higgins en retour." - Mathias Brunet

"On va s'en rappeler": David Desharnais - Le Journal

"L'exploit est passé inaperçu, mais il n'en est pas moins digne de mention. Les Cyclones de Cincinnati, équipe affiliée des Bulldogs de Hamilton, ont établi un record de la Ligue de la côte Est (ECHL) en remportant 17 victoires consécutives. Ce n'est pas rien."