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Two Different Angles On The Kostitsyn Goal

I just returned home from my daughter's hockey tournament in Durham, and having read about this most amazing of Andrei Kostitsyn goals, I immmediately YouTube'd it so I could post it here.

Though I could not catch the game in the Durham region, I'd read in the Toronto star this morning that Kostitsyn had scored a goal comparable to the one by Ovechkin three years ago against Phoenix.

After checking it out, I must say there are similarities. Both made last second, second efforts that translated into goals. On a 10 scale, I'd give Ovie's a 10 and Andrei's an 8.5 simply because Ovechkin's play started at center ice while Kostitsyn's goal was a brilliant finish to a rush started by Alex Kovalev.

For a while now, speaking for myself, Kostitsyn adds a whole new dimension to watching Habs games.

You just can't afford to blink when he's on the ice!

A little note to those who caught my last Friday morning post before I left for the weekend. My daughter's team, the Typhoons, did quite well in Durham. They advanced to the semi's with a 2-1 record in the round robin before being beaten out this morning by Kemptville. They were suffering somewhat from what coaches refer to as "car legs" and lost the opening game to Ottawa on a seeing eye goal. Saturday morning they notched 4 third period goals to knock Scarborough out of contention and did the same to the Stratford Aces with a 3-0 win in the evening game.

Kemptville seems to be the Typhoons nemesis, as they not only edged them out today, but they also knocked the Typhoons out of the ODWHA playoffs last week. Now the Typhoons must beat them in a 2 of 3 to advance to the Provincials in April.

My daughter did well in the tourney with a goal and three assists, but I was most impressed with the growth in her checking game. She's becoming absolutely unbeatable along the boards when it comes to gaining the puck. Her widened stance, elbow work, and stick angling have dramatically improved over the last few weeks and her coach always has her out again the opponants best players.

Maybe next month in Brampton, the Typhoons will finally take that next step.