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The Kostitsyn Brothers Highlight Reel

One of the most impressive and surprising attributes of the Canadiens this season has been the emergence of the brothers Andrei and Sergei Kostitsyn and the dimension of speed and savvy the have added to the team.

To think that only one year ago, neither brother were yet regulars, but now they are firmly cemented prongs in the team's attack.

There are plenty of tribute style videos of the brothers on You Tube, many featuring Sergei with the London Knights. You really have to see them to appreciate what this kid is going to be bringing to the Habs in the near future.

It's a head shaker to think he was drafted 200th overall in 2005.

The fight with Chuck Kobasew

Andrei's goals against Atlanta

Andrei's goal against the Capitals

The Andrei Kostitsyn highlight reel

Sergei levels Steve Downie in junior - bring on the Flyers!

Sergei's London Knight's reel

Sergei's goal versus the Rangers on January 12

Sergei's hit on Atlanta's Enstrom

A K injures McCabe's hand

Just for added fun, the Kovy hit on Ryan Hollweg - the elbow never comes up! I don't see it!