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Eating The Habs For Breakfast - 2008-2-20

Since the Canadiens are doing so fabulously well lately, eyeing down both an early playoff confirmation and a legitimate shot at first place, there is an abundance of news, stories and opinions to read. The recent spike in attention paid to the team has made it difficult for even an avid reader of everything like myself to keep up on all the happenings going about. I'm thinking that this will only increase as the days to the trade deadline wind down and the playoffs approach.

With that notion in mind, I thought that I would attempt to round up the newest of news and takes on the Canadiens in one tidy little place, provide a quick glance at what's being said and written from sources ranging from media outlerts to my favorite blogs, and the name the pieces "Eating The Habs For Breakfast".

Each day I'll be scanning my usual reading places for the latest links to the stuff I believe readers would be interested in. I'll post links to places such as the Gazette, Le Journal De Montreal, La Presse, RDS, TSN,, and the national Canadian media outlets such as the Sun and Globe chains. In addition, pieces from my favorite blogs - Habs Inside Out, Habs World, Four Habs Fans, Lions In Winter, Theory Of Ice, The H Does Not Stand For Habs, All Habs, Hockey's Greatest Legends, Sisu Hockey, and others - will also be featured. The pieces will be no more than a day or two old, and should be everything relevant that readers could want to catch in both official languages.

In order to properly get caught up, here is the first official edition of "Eating The Habs For Breakfast" it the "evening edition!"

Ryder Finally Shows Sign Of A Scoring Life - Gazette

"It's an open secret that Ryder is available and the Canadiens probably won't be fussy about what they get in return. Ryder is eligible to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1 and Montreal would be happy to get anything in return while saving what's left of his $2.95-million salary."

Sutter And Gainey Talking Trade at GM Meetings? - All Habs

"Gainey gave reporters the slip when the meetings ended and Sutter employed his best deadpan humour when he was asked about Tanguay being among all the names flying around."

Habs Mount The Biggest Comeback In Team History - Lions In Winter

"Koivu, on the power-play, broke into the zone down the left hand side and dished the puck to the corner to Andrei Kostitsyn. Andrei then made a quick pass into the slot to a streaking Kovalev. Kovy reached for the puck and took a one-timer as he was falling. When the puck went in over Henrik's arm Alex was upside down on the ice in a ball and the score was 5-5."

The Un - Dead - The H Does Not Stand For Habs

"Placing the euphoria of last night's comeback at arm's length and assuming the cold eye of analysis, it even makes sense on paper. There *are* ingredients the Habs still lack, which common sense says need to be acquired if the team is to seriously contend for the Cup."

Carbo Fait Confiance A Gainey - La Presse

"Je serai bien fou de dire non", a lancé Carbonneau mercredi au lendemain de la déclaration de Bob Gainey selon laquelle il est à la recherche d'un joueur d'impact.

Le Canadiens ecrit une page d'histoire - Journal

"C'était un match excitant pour les amateurs et aussi pour nous, a commenté Kovalev, auteur de ses 28e et 29e buts de la saison. C'est toujours spécial de participer à une telle remontée. On a démontré énormément de caractère."

L'Equipe ne fini pas de causer des surprises - Journal

''On s'est souvenu qu'à leur der nière visite à Montréal, les Rangers nous avaient battus 5 à 3 après avoir tiré de l'arrière 0-3, a raconté Kovalev. On n'a jamais lâché." - Kovalev

Guillaume a jouer un role dans la venu de son frere - Journal

"Mon frère a dominé partout où il a joué", a raconté Guillaume, hier. "Il n'a jamais eu la chance de se faire valoir dans l'organisation des Coyotes. Je suis allé voir Julien BriseBois pour lui vendre ses qualités."

Une Equipe Tricotee Serree - RDS

"Il fut un temps où le Tricolore se laissait manger la laine sur le dos face à des équipes robustes comme les Flyers de Philadelphie. Avec deux grosses victoires acquises en fin de semaine, les joueurs du Canadien ont montré qu’ils forment maintenant une équipe qui sait se tenir debout." - Jacques Demers