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...And The Habs Trivia Winner Is?

Eddy Sauvestre - take a bow my man!

You are the undisputed Montreal Canadiens Trivia Champion!

Manon Patry - take a bow also!

Both contestants answered 91 of 100 questions correctly, with the difference being the 6 point question number 36 that only Sauvestre and 6th place finisher Samuel Desjardins nailed.

Like I'd mentioned in an updated post on this contest a few weeks back, all 42 entries had 75 or more questions right. Those 27 entries not listed below, had scored between 233 and 237 points.
Habs fans sure know their stuff.

I must say that Sauvestre wanted this title badly!

Not only the first person to submit and entry into the contest, Sauvestre also filed a second entry to clinch bragging rights on the deadline day of October 1. With that type of dogged determination, I get the feeling this guy pursues goals with Rocket Richard - like zest.

I know little of this man - but I can tell tell he's my kind of guy.

Up until the final day, it looked as though Patry would grab the title. She can take pride in the fact that no one answered more questions than her. She is one great Habs fan, as the pictures of her kid's room featured here surely attest.

One other fan who is not named among the top 15 listed below, wanted to be crowned the winner in an even more desperate manner than Eddy. This female sent me photos ( nudge, nudge! ) in an attempt to bribe me into naming her the winner. You get the picture!

For myself, I had a great time tallying the responses and communicating with entrants. I would certainly, as one person suggested, love to battle it out game show style over some beers in another Habs trivia challenge of some kind with like - minded fans.

Next year's contest will be even tougher!

Perhaps the greatest fun for readers, myself included (big time!), is to dig deep into Habs history and marvel at the multitude of feats and firsts that have the Canadiens written all over them.

From the first 50 goal season to Jacques Plante's invention of the goalie mask, and many benchmarks in between, NHL hockey and its fans, owe a substantial debt to the Canadiens of yore for setting such a high standard bar and helping bring about the game we love today in all its glory.

This has been one inspiring post for me.

One fan's submission remarked that they'd felt a renewed passion and appreciation for the game, and it's history after going back in time by following the questions. Admittedly, the person was not a Habs fan, but held the era close to his heart.

There is, in fact, lots to learn from all teams in the Original Six era. Moreso in this time of internet information. For younger fans of the game, if hockey is really your true pride and passion, it is in digging up such details that you will gain your greatest appreciation of the sport's history.

I can recall being all of 8 years old, and a captive audience for my father's tales of the Rocket. I remember vividly being drawn in by them, but later being yawned awake by the same repeated tales. In later years, I would dream I was Guy Lafleur.

Aside from your Montreal Canadiens passion, hockey love is a gift passed down from generation to generation.

Those "Rocket" stories of my father's became a foundation inside of me, a core part of my soul. Today, I have a daughter who plays travel team hockey, and I cannot put into words an explanation as to how and why she has thrilled me more than Lafleur ever has.

When I ask my kid if she has future goals in the game, her biggest response comes from the possibility that she could one day coach and teach other kids herself.

Learn the game's history and pass it to your kids. Rediscover this great game together. It could make you marvel at minute details that were always taken for granted.

Nevermind the absurdity of today's big money contracts, treat yourself to the passion of hockey by tracing it's roots and growth.

Did you know that the NHL made it a rule at one time, that goal scorers must raise their sticks high in the air, in order to be identified by fans in attendance and game officials as the goal scorer of record and fact. I never knew that until today, upon researching the accuracy of a question contained below. I never even thought about it, in fact.

Pretty neat stuff.

You never know what you'll find when looking back into the game's history.

One thing is certain - something you will find out will bring a smile to your face!

The first player to raise his stick skyward in celebration was the Canadiens Billy Reay in the 1947-48 season. Reay later coached the Blackhawks teams which lost in the Stanley Cup final to the Canadiens in 1971 and 1973.

Here are the best of the best trivia contest scores, with the questions and answers below. Enjoy and share!

Eddy Sauvestre (2): 269 points - 91 correct answers
Manon Patry: 263 points - 91 correct answers
Eddy Sauvestre(1): 246 points - 84.5 correct answers
J.T.: 242 points - 80 correct answers
Murielle Thompson (2): 242 points - 79 correct answers
Samuel Desjardins: 241 points - 78 correct answers
Gerard Beaulieu: 241 points - 78 correct answers
Martin St-Pierre: 240 points - 78 correct answers
Donah Duplesie: 240 points - 77 correct answers
Armand Content: 240 points - 77 correct answers
Babe Wheeler: 240 points - 77 correct answers
Habs Fan 46: 240 points - 77 correct answers
Arnold Levy: 239 points - 77 correct answers
P.X. Olivier: 239 points - 76 correct answers
Paul Grant: 238 points - 76 correct answers

1998-2007 ( 3, 4, or 5 points per answer/40 pts)
1 - Upon arriving with the Canadiens via a trade, this player likened the media frenzy to the circus surrounding Michael Jordan. Who was he? ( 4 ) Jeff Hackett

2 - What was Jose Theodore's prescribed medicine for thinning hair? ( 4 ) Propecia

3 - Which player stated that Saku Koivu's courageous return from canver was "One of the most amazing things I've ever seen in hockey?" ( 5 ) Doug Gilmour (Note: Craig Rivet, Koivu's best friend, said many similar things about the man, but I was looking for the owner of this particular quote.)

4 - In the season in which Saku Koivu was diagnosed with cancer, who was the only player to wear the "C"? ( 3 ) Saku Koivu

5 - What number did goalie Olivier Michaud wear in his only period of play with the Canadiens? ( 4 ) 95

6 - An oddity, unique in Habs history, occured on January 2, 2001. What was it? ( 3 ) Jose Theodore scored into an empty net against the New York Islanders, becoming only the second goalie to score a goal and record a shutout in the same game. The Canadiens won the game 2 - 0.

7 - Prior to Vincent Damphousse scoring the first goal in Molson (Bell) Centre history, another Habs player had what would have been the historic goal disallowed? Who was he? ( 5 ) Turner Stevenson

8 - The last Canadiens goalie to start his NHL career with the Habs in shutout fashion. ( 3 ) Yann Danis

9 - Which Canadiens player, after the final game played in the Forum, scooped up a hunk of ice that he promised to keep refridgerated for his lifetime? ( 4 ) Turner Stevenson

10 - This player, in only his second game as a Montreal Canadien, scored the team's historic 10,000th goal. Who was this player? ( 5 ) Sergei Berezin

1989-1998 ( 3, 4, or 5 points per answer / 36 pts)

11 - He married a former "Full House" actress. Name them both. ( 2+2 ) Valeri Bure and Candace Cameron

12 - How many assists did Pierre Turgeon get in his last game as a Canadien? ( 3 ) Four. Turgeon played his final Canadiens game on Koivu's wing.

13 - Of the 16 wins required to claim the Stanley Cup in 1993, how many did the Canadiens win by a one goal margin? ( 3 ) 12

14 - Which 5 former Canadiens players have won the Jack Adams Trophy for coach of the year? ( 1+1+1+1+1 ) Jacques Lemaire, Glen Sather, Bob Murdoch, Orval Tessier, and Red Berenson

15 - Who did the Canadiens trade to aquire Brian Bellows and who did they receive once he was trade away? ( 2 + 2 ) Traded Russ Courtnall, aquired Marc Bureau

16 - Which Canadien scored the last goal in the Montreal Forum? ( 3 ) Andrei Kovalenko

17 - Who replaced Patrick Roy in nets in his final game as a Canadien? ( 3 ) Pat Jablonski

18 - What unique feat did Vincent Damphousse achieve in his first season as a Montreal Canadien? ( 3 ) Damphousse led a different team in scoring for a third year in succession.
Toronto in 1990-91, Edmonton in 1991-92, and Montreal in 1992-93.

19 - Only two players from the 1993 Stanley Cup Canadiens are currently active NHL'ers. Name them? ( 2+2 ) I boobed here, there are actually three, but no one caught me on it - Patrice Brisebois, Matthew Schneider, and Sean Hill

20 - Matthew Barnaby nicknamed him Cornelius due to his likeness to the Planet Of The Apes character. ( 4 ) Lyle Odelein

1979-1989 ( 2, 3, or 4 points per answer / 36 pts )

21 - In game 2 of the 1986 Stanley Cup finals, Brian Skrudland set a playoffs record with his goal 9 seconds into overtime. On the play, which linemate threw a pick on a Calgary Flames defenseman outside the blueline, to enable McPhee and Skrudland to break in 2 on 1? ( 4 ) Claude Lemieux

22 - He holds the All Star game record for most assists in one game. ( 3 ) Mats Naslund

23 - Which 5 players have played 1000 games for the Canadiens? ( 5 ) Larry Robinson, Jean Beliveau, Henri Richard, Bob Gainey and Claude Provost.

24 - At 21 years and ten months, Stephane Richer was the youngest Hab to score 50 goals. Against which goalie did he get it? ( 3 ) Tom Barrasso

25 - This number was worn by Moe Robinson in his only NHL game. ( 3 ) 2

26 - Which Canadiens player was fined $9,000 for instigation a brawl that found it way into the stands of the Boston Gardens? ( 3 ) Chris Nilan

27 - The Canadiens reaquired his rights from the L.A. Kings so he could essentially retire as a Montreal Canadien. ( 4 ) Steve Shutt

28 - Who was the playoff MVP for 1984-85 Calder Cup champion Sherbrooke Canadiens, and how many Conn Smythe Trophies did he win in the NHL. ( 2+2 ) Many were tricked by this - Brian Skrudland. Zero.

29 - He signed a contract extension after scoring 70 points in 40 games. In the final 40 games he had 40 points. Who is he? ( 3 ) Mats Naslund

30 - What player did the Canadiens draft with the pick they received for Robert Picard? ( 4 ) Talk about a great trade! Patrick Roy

1969-1979 ( 2, 3, or 4 points per answer / 34 pts )

31 - I'm Howie Morenz' grandson and I trail Jose Theodore on the all time Habs goal scoring list. Who am I? ( 2 ) Dan Geoffrion, who scored 68 goals in his final junior year in Cornwall.

32 - What significance do Reggie Leach, Glenn Hall, and Roger Crozier have to Canadiens history? ( 2 ) All three players won the Conn Smythe Trophy in years that the Canadiens won the Stanley Cup.

33 - This player's overtime goal celebration launched a dreaded nickname. Who was the player and what was the moniker he came to despise? ( 2+2 ) Larry Robinson - Big Bird

34 - Canadiens defenseman knocked out cold by Dave Shultz' elbow. ( 2 ) John Van Boxmeer

35 - This former Canadiens player's brother is a current NHL GM. ( 2 ) Murray Wilson - his brother is Doug Wilson, the San Jose Sharks current GM.

36 - Irving Grundman, in a shrewd Pollock 101 mode, signed 3 former WHA players to ineligable NHL contracts to purposely exempt them from a waiver draft. Who were the three players? ( 2+2+2) The toughest question of all, unless you recall it or have read "Lions In Winter" - Rod Langway, Mark Napier and Cam Connor.

37 - In the book "Lions In Winter" by Goyens and Turowetz, an anonymous Canadiens player described a defenseman's up ice rush as the best "f*** you" play he's ever seen in hockey. Which defenseman was he speaking of? ( 3 ) Terry Harper

38 - According to Scotty Bowman, which three Canadiens players offered by Sam Pollock had Red Wings GM Ned Harkness accepted in trade talks that would have allowed the Habs to choose Marcel Dionne 2nd overall in the 1971 draft? ( 2+2+2 ) Phil Myre, Terry Harper, and J.C. Tremblay

39 - Against which team did Guy Lafleur score his first NHL goal. ( 3 ) Los Angeles Kings

40 - Which two players assisted on Jean Beliveau's 500th goal? ( 2+2 ) Frank Mahovlich and Phil Roberto

1959-1969 ( 2, 3, or 4 points per answer / 30 pts)

41 - The Canadiens traded little known players, Paul Reid and Guy Allen, for this player. ( 3 ) Ken Dryden

42 - His nickname was derived from a comic strip character. ( 3 ) Lorne "Gump' Worsley

43 - Leafs coach Punch Imlach is reputed to have called him a Junior B goalie. ( 3 ) Rogatien Vachon

44 - The Canadiens failed to protect this player who went on to win the Calder Trophy the following season. ( 3 ) Tony Esposito

45 - He was the last Canadiens forward to win the Calder Trophy and record a 5 goal game in his career. ( 3 ) Bobby Rousseau

46 - Two Canadiens players, with 9 and 7 Stanley Cups rings respectively, are not in the Hockey Hall Of Fame. Who are they? ( 2+2 ) Claude Provost and Jean Guy Talbot - with this much engraving, who needs the HHOF.

47 - This western born hockey player once lifted Bobby Hull's jaw protector, to sock him a good one in the kisser. ( 3 ) John Ferguson

48 - This player was known for knitting his own underwear between periods. ( 2 ) Jacques Plante

49 - Before the creation of the Conn Smythe Trophy for playoff MVP's, this Hab scored 10 goals and added 5 assists in 11 games to lead the Canadiens to the Cup. Who was this unsung hero? ( 4 ) Marcel Bonin

50 - This cartoon character wore number 23 to start his career. ( 2 ) The Roadrunner, Yvan Cournoyer

1949-1959 ( 2, 3, or 4 points per answer / 30 pts)

51 - While a member of the Canadiens organization, this goalie was loaned to the Bruins for one game, and promptly shut out the Habs in his NHL debut. ( 3 ) Claude Pronovost

52 - What NHL milestone was achieved by a Canadiens player on October 19, 1957? ( 3 ) Maurice "Rocket" Richard scored his 500th career goal.

53 - Which three one time Montreal Canadiens have tenured as NHL career goal scoring leaders? (2+2+2) Joe Malone, Howie Morenz, and Maurice Richard

54 - This future Hall Of Famer gloved the puck into his own goal in overtime, costing the Canadiens the Stanley Cup. ( 3 ) Doug Harvey

55 - He was the last goalie to be named Canadiens captain. ( 2 ) Bill Durnan

56 - In the 1950's, the words "To you from failing hands, we throw the torch, be it yours....." were brought into the Canadiens dressing room. What year was it and who posted them? ( 2+2 ) Canadiens GM Frank Selke in 1953

57 - This player won a scoring title with his left wrist in a cast. ( 2 ) Dickie Moore

58 - As the story goes, the Canadiens signed this youngster as he would not let anyone else play with the puck during training camp. ( 2 ) Henri Richard

59 - Leafs coach and GM Punch Imalch once called him the greatest player he's ever coached. ( 3 ) Jean Beliveau

60 - Other than St Patrick's Day, what happened on March 17, 1955? ( 2 ) The Richard Riot
1939-1949 ( 1, 2, or 3 points per answer / 30 pts )

61 - During the 1944-45 season, Maurice Richard broke the record for goals scored in a season. Whose record did he break and how many goals did that player score? ( 2+1 ) Joe Malone's 44

62 - As the GM of the Maple Leafs at the time, Frank Selke aquired a future Hall Of Famer from the Canadiens without the stamp of approval from the Leafs Conn Smythe. The deal subsequently got Selke fired, thus freeing him to be hired by the Canadiens. Who were the players involved in the trade? ( 2+2 ) Ernie Eddolls and Ted Kennedy

63 - Which Canadiens GM initially began the process of building a farm system to delevop prospects for the Habs. ( 3 ) T.P. Gorman - According to "Lions In Winter", Gorman was plotting it out, the vision was shared by Selke, who realized it by having owners with deeper pockets.

64 - This former Habs player was convicted of murder. ( 3 ) Tony Demers, my error, the charge was actually manslaughter.

65 - Well travelled Canadiens goalie would later be victim of 5 goal game courtesy of Maurice Rocket Richard. ( 3 ) Paul Bibeault

66 - This player was recognized one year, for having only one minor penalty called against him all season. ( 2 ) Hector "Toe" Blake, whose number ought to be retired!

67 - In 1941, the Canadiens essentially had two general managers. One was officially in the position, while the other went unlisted on all team related information. Who were they? ( 2+2 ) T.P. Gorman and Frank Patrick

68 - He was the last Canadiens player to substitute for a goalie during a penalty. ( 3 ) Kenny Reardon - Though many sources fail to credit such, "La Glorieuse Histoire Des Canadiens", the Habs factoid bible, says that on October 14, 1949, Reardon finished the game for Bill Durnan, who was cut badly above the eye from a shot by a Rangers shooter. Durnan's equipement was too large for Ranger sub Don McIver to switch sides and suit up for the Habs, so Reardon got the nod.

69 - Which goalie stopped what would have been Maurice Richard's 50th goal, on a penalty shot at the Forum in the second to last game of the 1944-45 season? ( 3 ) Mike Karakas

70 - This player was the last to wear sweater number 9 for the Canadiens before Rocket Richard. ( 2 ) Charlie Sands

1929-1939 ( 1 or 2 points per answer / 24 pts )

71 - Explain the Kennedy Cup? ( 2 ) It was offered by the Canadiens former owner George Kendall Kennedy to award the winner of the regular season series between the Canadiens and Maroons.

72 - Which future Canadiens General Manager became the first coach to win the Stanley Cup in successive years with two different teams? ( 2 ) T.P. Gorman with the 1933-34 Balck Hawks and the 1934-35 Maroons.

73 - On December 7, 1935, the Canadiens donned a white jersey for the first time since the 1911-12 season. Who were their opponants that evening? ( 1 ) Detroit Red Wings

74 - Which Canadien was the first player in NHL history to be awarded a penalty shot? ( 2 ) Armand Mondou in 1935

75 - Which 3 players wore number 99 for the Canadiens in the 1934-35 season? ( 1+1+1 ) Joe Lamb, Des Roche, Leo Bourgeault

76 - Which player completed the forward line anchored by Aurel Joliat and Howie Morenz? ( 2 ) Johnny Gagnon

77 - Savage, Lamb, and Mondou are all surnames from the post 1980 Canadiens. By curiosity, three players with these same names previously dressed for the Habs in the same season. What year was it, and what were their jersey numbers? ( 1+1+1+1) Armand Mondou # 64, Tony Savage # 75, and Joe Lamb # 99 in 1934-35.

78 - In a charity auction to benefit the family of the recently deceased Howie Morenz, a former Canadiens player paid $500 for his jersey. Who was the player and what did he do with the jersey? ( 2+2 ) Former Canadiens player and owner Jos Cattarinich bought the jersey and gave it to Howie Morenz Jr.

79 - The Canadiens literally stole this player from the Maroons. Soon the Maroons would be history, and the minor league player they cast off to the Habs would help rewrite their history. Who was he? ( 2 ) Toe Blake

80 - Which Canadiens star appeared in newspaper ads promoting Bee Hive Corn Syrop? ( 2 ) Aurel Joliat

1919-1929 ( 1 or 2 points per answer / 20 pts )

81 - In the 1928-29 season, Canadiens goalie George Hainsworth appeared in all 44 games for the team. His won/loss record was 22-7-17 with a 0.92 GAA and an amazing NHL record of 22 shutouts. What particular facet of the game was not yet allowed in order for Hainsworth to post such stats? ( 1 ) The forward pass in the neutral zone.

82 - Which player won the Hart Trophy in his first season as a Canadien? ( 1 ) Herb Gardiner

83 - In 1927, Habs GM Leo Dandurand established the first two affiliate teams that fed players to the Canadiens. What were the teams names? ( 2 + 2 ) Windsor Hornets and the Providence Reds

84 - Which two Canadiens were suspended and fined $200 by manager Leo Dandurand for beating up on the Senators Cy Denneny and Lionel Hitchman? ( 1+ 1 ) Billy Coutu and Sprague Cleghorn

85 - Who did the Canadiens trade to reaquire Joe Malone in 1922? ( 2 ) Edmond Bouchard

86 - Which two teams did the Canadiens vanquish to win the 1924 Stanley Cup? ( 1+1 ) The Vancouver Maroons and the Calgary Tigers

87 - The Canadiens aquired him by trading Newsy Lalonde to the Saskatoon Crescents. ( 1 ) Aurel Joliat

88 - Who was the U.S. Olympic team goalie the Canadiens signed as Georges Vezina's successor? ( 2 ) Alphonse "Frenchy" Lacroix

89 - In January of 1922, in a 10-6 win over the Hamilton Tigers, two Canadiens players each recorded 4 goal games. In the 85 years since then, the feat still stands for a particular reason. Who were they, and why does the record still hold? ( 1+1+1) The Cleghorn's, Sprague and Odie, both scored 4 goals. It is a feat unparalleled by two brothers playing on the same team. Peter and Anton Stastny of the Quebec Nordiques came closest in the mid 1980's. The Stastny brothers managed to equal the 8 goal total by two brothers on the same team, but Anton had 5 and Peter had 3. Hence the Cleghorn's remain the only brother combo to record 4 goal games, in the same game, while playing on the same team.

90 - In the 1919-20 season, which team did the Canadiens beat 16-3? ( 2 ) Quebec Bulldogs

1909-1919 ( 1 or 2 points per answer / 20 pts )

91 - Brothers Sprague and Odie Cleghorn played for the Canadiens up until 1925. Which brother appeared in the most games for the Canadiens? ( 1 ) Odie

92 - In the 1915-16 season, what did the NHA's leading scorer have in common with the Canadiens coach? ( 1 ) They were the same person, Edouard "Newsy" Lalonde.

93 - Who scored the winning goal for the Canadiens in their first Stanley Cup win in 1916? ( 2 ) Goldie Prodgers

94 - Who was the first known Canadien thrown out of a game? ( 2 ) Goalie M. Larochelle in 1909-10, for arguing a goal against.

95 - During one season, the Canadiens crest was a stylized green maple leaf, with an old english "CA" lettering as an insert. What year was it? ( 2 ) 1910-11

96 - In order to entice Georges Vezina to play for the Canadiens, Habs manager Jack Laviolette had the goalie's brother play year long on the team's practice roster. What was his name? ( 2 ) Pierre Vezina

97 - Who was the NHA's leading scorer in the Canadiens inaugural 1909-10 season? ( 2 ) Newsy Lalonde, who split the season between the Canadiens and the Renfrew Creamery Kings

98 - Who was the first ever Montreal Canadien signed to a contract? ( 2 ) Didier Pitre

99 - In the Montreal Canadiens second season, the son of the mayor of Sainte Hyacinthe wanted to be a Hab so badly, he offered to play for nothing. As the club had a $5,000 salary cap (imagine that!), they brought him on and he scored 12 goals in 16 games. What was his (ironic) name. ( 2 ) Eugene Payan

100 - Who were the 4 men who tended goal for the Canadiens in their inaugural season? ( 1+1+1+1 ) M. Larochelle, Jack Laviolette, Jos Cattarinich, and Teddy Groulx