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Habs On A Golf Course

Yes, of course, this usually signifies training camp is about to get underway, but I find seeing Habs players anywhere near a green such an ominous sight.

The occasion is always a charity event, but on this day the Habs used the occasion to unveil the new Reebok jerseys.

Notice the top picture of Cristobal Huet. Water is streaming off the jersey, leaving it dry. Hopefully pucks will have the same effect!

Here's some other shots of the gathered players I zapped from HIO. I especially like the one where Patrice Brisebois (71) and Roman Hamrlik (44) are hamming it up. Seems like Hammer is saying "I don't have to worry about you cutting into my icetime!"

Hamrlik: I really am going to be able to stretch these little things over my legs?
Jaroslav Halak: As long as Bettman doesn't get us goalie to wear them over our pads!

Michael Ryder: Wonder why no one's talking to me? Is it the contract, or the 70's retro slacks?

Saku Koivu: She's looking at me, man!
Mike Komisarek: No dude, she don't even see you!

Seeing these pictures make me wonder if the Canadiens and Leafs players couldn't share a charity event like this. I'd be curious to see just how much better the Leafs are on the links.