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Habs Fans Are Everywhere

Joel P sent in these three pics. He writes: "Nice job on your Habs blog. I visit it regularly and enjoy the articles/pics. As a member of a Manitoba family of Habs fanatics, I'd thought I'd represent my clan by sending you a few pics of my dad's Habs room. Enjoy!"

Looks like a bigtime fan to me. What a gorgeous room!

The two shots below were found by Brian D. He does not say whether the jersey the dog is in is actually the # 43 shown, but it would make sense to me.

Here are some more photos that I've found touring the net and looking in Facebook in last few days.

A Carey Price Bulldogs action figurine. Too cool!

A tattooed Roy fan. Wicked!

Guess which of these three left with all the boys? Smilling Chantelle!


A Doug Harvey fan salutes the crowd, imagining his jersey retirement night.

She has to be a Habs fan - she just has to!

J.P. actually sleeps with the gear on!

Koivu mingles with fans. In Montreal, fans are so avid, they not satisfied with only autographs, some try to pick players noses for DNA as well!

Habs fans play Scrabble! One more buddy and they could have spelled Shutt!

They can also spell skate if they spin quick enough.

Now this looks painted on! I hear she's easy through the 5 hole!

Higgy has the prettiest fans!

Another Habs cutie!


A Habs fan is born.

Hab Babies never cry...unless

...someone tries to convert them!

One fan site had this relic on display.

The Mayor of Youpiville with 2 thrilled guests!

Bouillon makes a girl's day - twice! Lucky man!

So does Huet.

This is either Martina Navratalova, David Spade, or Tom Petty.

I always wanted to do this!

Any fans with pictures to share can e-mail them to me at realitycheck-time @ and I'll be happy to post them in the next Habs Fan feature.