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Habs 100 Trivia Question Update

There are exactly 10 days remaining in the Habs 100 Trivia Question Primer contest to name bragging rights for the Canadiens most knowledgable fan.

So far I have sorted through dozens of entries and I have been quite surprised by what I am reading.

Hab fans sure know their stuff!

Not one single entry came back with less than 75 correct answers! Considering that I sought to make these questions difficult to Google, this is testament to how well versed Habs fans are in the facts and and details of their favorite teams history.

Up until last Friday night, I had read and scored 37 readers answers, and so far three entries have pulled away from the pack. After going through the first 5 or 6 replies, it quickly became apparent which answers were stumping fans accross the board.

In fact, there was one question (#36) worth 6 points for three names, that only one entrant nailed.

Samuel Desjardins, wherever you are - stand up and take a bow!

If you think you know your Habs and have what it takes to answer these questions, give it a shot in the remaining days.

Who knows, you could find yourself with bragging rights as the Habs Trivia Expert!

For now, here are how the top 10 entries stack up.

Manon Patry: 263 points - 91 correct answers
Eddy Sauvestre: 246 points - 84.5 correct answers
J.T.: 242 points - 80 correct answers
Samuel Desjardins: 241 points - 78 correct answers
Martin St-Pierre: 240 points - 78 correct answers
Donah Duplesie: 240 points - 77 correct answers
Armand Content: 240 points - 77 corrects answers
Babe Wheeler: 240 points - 77 correct answers
Arnold Levy: 239 points - 77 correct answers
P.X. Olivier: 239 points - 76 correct answers

If you have submitted an entry in the last few days, check back on October 3. These are not the final totals.

If you are interested in submitting, send your answers to me at realitycheck-time @ I will be e-mail all entrants scores once the contest wraps up.