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Alex Kovalev Scraped Up In Motorcycle Spill

(Robert L Note: Translated from Radio-Canada. Certain cynical types might suggest the Grande-Riviere mayor is doing his part to help out the Habs. Kovalev seems okay, but the Harley later complained of vertigo. Perhaps Kovy envisioned Darcy Tucker's face on the house's front porch. Let the bad jokes fly!)

Canadiens winger Alex Kovalev was involved in a motorcycle accident Saturday afternoon in Grande Riviere in the Gaspesie region.

The Russian forward was driving a Harley Davidson belonging to the mayor of Grande Riviere, Romuald Boutin, when he inexplicably lost control of the vehicle, which was badly damaged.

Kovalev had flown to the region in his personal plane to visit Jocelle Cauvier, a member of his fan club. The woman is a big fan of Kovalev and has an inspiring collection of his jerseys, including the Russian National team sweater.

The mayor had taken the oportunity to meet Kovalev and have him sign the town's guestbook. Afterwards Kovalev noticed that Boutin had a magnificent looking Harley and asked if he could take a spin on it.

According to the mayor, Kovalev travelled the distance of five house lengths before losing control of the Harley on the gravel at the road's edge. He scooted up the front boulevard of one house before slamming into the front porch.

"He has offered to pay for repairs to the bike, or even purchase a new one for me. We'll be talking again Tuesday night. I believe this incident has allowed us to become close friends. We're almost like brothers. If he does get me a new one, I'm going to keep the old handlebars and baptise the engine the "Kovalev", said Boutin.

Boutin, who played senior league hockey some 30 years back even suggested the possibility of Kovalev and himself participating in a hockey game.

Nowhere in the story does it say whether Kovalev is licenced to drive motorcycles. Rest assured though, Kovalev will be at training camp - he suffered only minor scrapes in the spill.