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Roll the Dice - EOTP Mock Draft 2007

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Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Most NHL Entry Drafts are often described as crap shoots of sorts, with emphasis on the "shoot", rather than the "crap". This years pool of players is a very tough one to assess by all accounts and many scouts are even agreeing to disagree on the order of the top 5.

In making my rankings of the top 30, I'd be surprised if I get 7 or 8 right considering that even the well scouted prospects sprout questions mark concerning their upsides.

As far as the Habs are concerned, I'd love to see them somehow jump up and grab any of the top 7 picks listed here. Two names often mentioned as potential Canadiens, Angelo Esposito and Logan Couture, I don't want any part of. I would take me a good bit of convincing to change my opinion of these two spoiled brats whose parents and agents conspired to have them placed on winning teams rather than starting out where most #1 junior picks begin.

I don't like that both players chose shortcuts on their route to the NHL. It shows a lack of character and may a telling red flag about their willingness to confront obstacles in their way. Of course, both are extremely talented, and it is not unforeseeable that either could be pulling the CH over their head on Friday night.

My hope is that the Canadiens come away with any two of Nick Petrecki, Ryan Perron, Brandon Sutter, Patrick White, or Colton Gillies. I'll actually be happy should they grab one of these five.

But, hey, what do I know. I was furious when they picked Carey Price 5th two years ago. Let's hope Gainey and company's picks humble us naysayers in the same manner this time around.

I get an odd feeling though, that Montreal is set to pull the trigger on a deal tomorrow. With two picks in a soft draft, Gainey is primed to take advantage of anyone adventurous enough to overrate acertain player when the time comes for the Canadiens to pick.

It'll be exciting as usual to watch futures unfold tomorrow night.

Here's is my crap shoot - no monkey's were involved in the process. I couldn't find one!

1. Chicago - Patrick Kane
2. Philadelphia - Kyle Turris
3. Phoenix - Alexei Cherapanov
4. Los Angeles - James van Riemsdyk
5. Washington - Sam Gagner
6. Edmonton - Keaton Ellerby
7. Columbus - Karl Alzner
8. Boston - Angelo Esposito
9. St. Louis - Mikael Backlund
10. Florida - Jakub Vorachek
11. Carolina - Logan Couture
12. Montreal - Nick Petrecki
13. Toronto - Zack Hamill
14. Colorado - Ryan Perron
15. Edmonton - Brandon Sutter
16. Anaheim - Ryan McDonagh
17. NY Rangers - Oscar Moller
18. Calgary - Kevin Shattenkirk
19. Minnesota - Brett McLean
20. Pittsburgh - Sergei Korostin
21. Phoenix - Tommy Cross
22. Montreal - Patrick White
23. Philadelphia - Colton Gillies
24. St. Louis - Joakim Andersson
25. Vancouver - Thomas Hickey
26. St. Louis - Jonathan Blum
27. Detroit - Bill Sweatt
28. Washington - Maxim Mayorov
29. Ottawa - Colby Cohen
30. Edmonton - Lars Eller

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