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Trade Kovalev's Soother For A Muzzle

By now I'd imagine every Habs fan has heard the latest rumblings from Alex Kovalev.

My first thoughts upon hearing his complaints centered around one Kovalev trait - selfishness.

While he is now whinning about how he was used during the last season, I'm oddly struck by his former comments about hockey being a team game. In his own defense, Kovalev brought up such concepts last winter, when his lack of intensity was pointed out. The trouble with blaming everything and everyone but oneself, is one runs out of fingers to point.

Is it any surprise that Kovalev has refused to look in the mirror at any time?

Does anyone believe, Bob Gainey included, that this player can be "corrected", for lack of a better term?

With the Russian enigma now placing blame squarely at the feet of coach Carbonneau and Gainey, how can this relationship prosper?

Gainey stated in his end of year analysis on the Canadiens that he would have a sit down with Kovalev and explain what is expected of him. From Kovalev's comments, it seems they have had that little chat.

It doesn't seem to have clarified much in the players eyes!

The ego of an athlete as stubborn as Kovalev may be hard to break. I imagine that's what happens when a player is handed $18 million, has his talents written about in superlative detail, and enjoys the adoration of fans and the compliments of foes.

The inflated self esteem that is Kovalev's ego, is in need of a prick.

I'm hoping that prick has Bob Gainey for a name.

With Kovalev boldly stating that he may not return to Habs if things don't change, I'd love to hear gainey call out his nine million dollar bluff.

It's time for Bob to point out, as clearly as possible, who is running the team. It is not time for Gainey, once again, to simple airbrush the grey area into a pastel rainbow of upsides and hope.

As Kovalev balked with denial at previous comments published in Russian papers, he should be told to stick a cork in it next time he chimes that he was again taken out of context and misquoted.

He's not happy in Montreal, and the feeling has become mutual. It's time for Gainey to show Kovalev exactly where the bear takes a dump.

I hardly expect Gainey to go public with his feelings on this - it's just not his style. He ought to though, as I get the impression that Kovalev is baiting him. This seed of useless ill will could be troubling at a time when the Habs will soon be trying to look as attractive as possible in the lure of free agents.

A disenting player wreaking havok with a team's chemistry, in the off season, is no drawing card.

As I stated in a previous post, make him walk the plank.

Photoshop art by patCH longeuil - check this french site out for hilarious Habs renderings and witty commentary.