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Weekend With The Typhoons In Brampton

For regular readers of this site wondering where I've been over the next few days, I haven't died an immediate death like our beloved Habs last Saturday. My daughter Poke Check and I are off to Brampton, Ontario for the Provincials tournament. It's our final escapade of the season and we've been looking forward to it since qualifying over a month ago.

I'm even more excited than the kid is. Kids can put such things as hockey games into quick perspective, while hockey Dads freak. Poke Check has been hot since January, totalling 9 goals including 4 in the five playdown games that helped us qualify, so some fun times are expected this weekend.

The kid is just happy to be going actually, as road trips and travel team hockey can get rather complicated and expensive. My 1997 Honda Accord blew out it's right front ball joint and axle 2 days before the trip, to the tune of close to $400 - our trip's money. Great souls such as a very supporting wife, an awesome best friend, and my own cool parents rescued my ass this week, helping to finance the trip at a complicated time.

Poke Check is very grateful and so is her Dad.

I should return Sunday evening and do a quick wrap up here, for those interested.

On the Habs side of things, I have been doing some research digging, and have lots of interesting stuff ahead for the site. Stay tuned!