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Canucks Stanley Cup post updated

Back on January 23rd I posted a ficticious article titled "Stanley Finally In Canucks Hands". I'd lost wager with Zanstorm at Waiting For Stanley that required me to post some Canucks content, and keeping with the mandate of Eyes On The Prize, I envisioned them winning the Cup. It was fun to write as I recall.

When first posted it, I was very surprised by the reaction it received. It struck a bit of a nerve and the most common comments it garnered was the the piece seemed almost lifelike.

While the Canucks were battling it out this week with the Dallas Stars, the post came back into mind and I've updated it to include the recent events, making even more real, or surreal, if you wish.

One thing was easy to predict - Roberto Luongo performing like a Conn Smythe candidate.

Perhaps he and Trevor Linden will make me look like Nostradamus, who knows, but I'm certainly not expecting the Rory plot twist in Game 6 of the finals to occur.

That would be a bad thing for my mental health!

You can read the updated post here.

Enjoy the read!

Go Canuckleheads!