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Backcheck: A Hockey Retrospective

1942 Montreal Canadiens pose for a group photo pre-game.

Backcheck: A Hockey Retrospective is a Library and Archives Canada site that features sections on the origins of the game. It concentrates mainly on the era's running from the 1880's to the mid 1950's.

Detailed written accounts cover the Early Days and Origins of Hockey, Aboriginal Hockey, Women's Hockey, early International play, and French Canadian Tradition and Comminity Hockey.

Each section of the site is lined with priceless photo's that will bring a viewer back in time instantly. It's a vivid look at the game's growth and worth checking out for any hockey historian.

The pictures below are just some of hundreds that will take you back to the days of the game's formative years.

Sydney Millionaires from Nova Scotia 1913

A street hockey game from 1896. The writing on the photo calls it croquet!

Renfrew Juniors team 1933

A Quebec University team in 1933

A pond hockey game in Quebec in 1923

A pond hockey game from 1930

The Metcalf Ontario Hockey Club 1907.Nice, uh...jerseys!

Hockey game at McGill University in 1904. Notice the non-matching uniforms!

Canadiens and Maple Leafs battle in 1955

Loyola University team 1918

Laval hockey team in 1896

A ladies college hockey game in 1906

Goalie Jacques Plante with the Quebec Citadelles in 1948

A game in Dawson City Yukon in 1900

Clarence Campbell with a badly damaged and patchwork Cup in 1957

The famous Bill Barilko goal that inspired a great Tragically Hip song and an 11 year Leafs Cup drought.