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Cornwall Is....Almost Hockeyville

Cornwall Is....Almost Hockeyville

Call it a close heart attack, Cornwall finished second in the Kraft Hockeyville voting. So it's close but no cigar - or in this case, an NHL exhibition game.

Congratulation to the city of North Bay, surely an awesome hockey town, and well worthy of the title this year.

Cornwall will definitely be back next year. I'm already feeling a bit guilty for only voting 25 times! I should have voted 500 times.

I feel the worst for my oldest daughter who voted even more than I, as she was included in the promo clip expounding Cornwall's virtues as Hockeyville. In my heart, Hockeyville is wherever she plays!

You can hear me, along with my two girls, moaning slightly when Gary Bettman announces North Bay as the winner.

What really kills me about all this, is why on God's hockey playing Earth does a righteous Canadian hockey stronghold like North Bay get a Thrashers - Islanders game?

Like, shouldn't a pair of Canadian teams be participating?

Makes me almost happy to win it another year!

Well at least Cornwall can still lay claim to the best kick ass shinny team in the country - the Cornwall Six Shooters! One of my daughter's hockey coach's is pictured second from the left - Yvon Besner. If you could see this guy fire a shot, you'd know why they claimed the Masters prize in the Pond Hockey Challenge in Muskoka.