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Acknowledgement...It's A Good Thing!

From the pages of Sports Business Daily comes this little nod for EOTP.

This is a subcription only site that I'll be checking into on occasion.

When I termed the NHL's call on the Chris Simon suspension as "Finally Getting It Right", it may have sounded the right bell. Upon checking out other things written about the length of the suspension, I noticed the same terminology popping up time and again. I doubt if I had anything to do with that, but maybe this SBD things has some reach I do not know about.

While I applaud the league's call on this one, I am still totally perplexed as to why the Doug Weight stick swing to Mike Komisarek's head, a virtually similar incident, slipped completely under the radar.

I gather it's okay to launch the two-handers provided it does not connect.

Seems Weight will be on a golf course with this swing before the NHL realized what it missed - a great chance to reinforce the Simon suspension message.

Thanks to Alanah at Canucks And Beyond for the handoff.