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Top 10 Things Fans Can Do When Canadiens Losing Streak Stretches To 5 Games

I found this strange query looking through my site meter this morning. Seems somebody wants to call up Bob Gainey in regards to the Habs woes. It's at the point where there is little a fan can do but laugh.

With that in mind, I came up with this list for those fans of a more serious bent, who refuse to find anything funny. See the list below.

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1 - Toss out the Kovalev and Samsonov kewpie dolls - they're not working in our favor.

2 - Inquire as to whether Maurice Richard was chryogenically frozen.

3 - Watch the replays of 1993 Stanley Cup, always on heavy rotation on NHL Network.

4 - Beg Patrick Roy to come out of retirement.

5 - Hope Gainey makes a dressing room trip, rattles some European cages, signs Souray long term, trades Kovalev for a team psych.

6 - Pray to Finnish Gods that Saku Koivu finds his mojo.

7 - Expect miracle that Jaroslav Halak is a reincarnation of Ken Dryden, or at least Steve Penney.

8 - Go on a Joe Louis hunger strike until David Aebischer learns not to play half the game on his knees.

9 - Engage in a voodoo ceremony jinxing all teams above themin the standings.

10 - Drink more Molson's