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Sidney Crosby's Bonus Clauses

In addition to Sidney Crosby's base salary of $850.000 (maximum 3 year entry level contract), there are a bundle of bonuses that add up to some interesting numbers. Some are team structured while others are league sponsored performance bonuses. Here is a breakdown of possible monies headed Crosby's way.

$850,000 base salary
$850,000 team bonuses (reaching 100 points, offensive categories of goals, assists, points, games played)
$250,000 Hart Trophy
$250,000 Art Ross Trophy
$250,000 Maurice Richard Trophy
$250,000 Selke Trophy

All four awards pay out $200,000 for a second place finish, and $150,000 for a third.

$100,000 for best PPG average
$100,000 for 1st team All-Star
$150,000 league bonus for most goals
$150,000 league bonus for most assists
$150,000 league bonus for most points

If one assumes that he is out of consideration for most goals on his team and in the league, and that a Selke and Maurice Richard won't happen this year, Sidney will be taking home quite a loot. Using a calculated guess of $500,000 in team bonus money, Crosby would pocket a grand total nearing $1.5 million in bonus dough for a total of $2.350,000.00 in hockey earning alone.

Figure that he's pulling in as much if not more by shilling for Reebok, Tim Horton's, Framework Sports Marketing, and Gatorade, and we have one wealthy young man.

Not a bad haul at 19 years old.