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NHL Road Trip With Crosby And Ovechkin

Sidney Crosby only had one line in the NHL's promotional ad that was filmed January during the NHL All-Star Game, but it was a good one.

The commercial, titled "Road Trip," opens with Washington Capitals star Alex Ovechkin ordering room service for one in his hotel room -- lots and lots of room service.

As the clip moves to other NHLers acting up -- brothers Jordan and Eric Staal have a pillow fight in their room -- it always goes back to Ovechkin ordering more and more food. Finally, Ovechkin says, "My name? Sidney Crosby," and the commercial cuts immediately to Crosby opening his door to a huge delivery.

Crosby's one line -- snarling the name "Ovechkin" -- wasn't one he got down right off the bat, either.

"It took a lot of takes, just because of the lighting or I didn't say it the right way," Crosby said. "They have to be so precise for a two-second clip."

As of yesterday, Crosby hadn't seen the commercial, available on YouTube.