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Holy Hockey Pucks - EOTP Is # 5

There are words that can describe being flattered or being rendered speechless, but I'm way too floored to think of them.

My site, my baby, "Eyes on The Prize" has just received what I consider ultimate praise.

Legends Of Hockey writer, and author of many great tomes on international hockey, Joe Pelletier, has chosen EOTP as his 5th favorite hockey blog. He ranks this obsession of mine, right under the Mirtle's and Kukla's I so admire.

It's more than I could ever ask for!

Here's what Gentleman Joe said about my space:

"Rocketing up the power rankings is Reality Check's "Eyes On The Prize". I like this site because a) there's lots of hockey history content to be found here, and b) reality Check offers alot of personal reflection in his posts. It really works well, and it's something I'm going to consciously try more of here at Legends."

This site is only 7 months old, and took some time to define itself. Many ideas collided as I searched to focus it. I wanted to write about the daily goings on of my favorite Montreal Canadiens, without becoming a trivial news blip. I didn't want to pursue stories you would be able to read elsewhere. I looked to use fact and history to give weight to my opinions. I selected the Habs and their current quest as a starting point, but hardly an end-all.

I chose to focus on "winners", hence the name for the site, keeping in mind that not all winners end up with names engraved on Lord Stanley's mug. The Cup itself, would tell many of the stories, and back many claims.
Eventually, I found a comfotable format of looking to both the past and the future, for putting my team, and others, into perspective. While the site remains Habs themed, my hope is that a reader can insert their own favorite team in it's place, and learn what makes the difference between what it takes to win, and what is otherwise misguided. Posts on the NHL itself, would be inserted from time to time, as a thermometer of sorts, as to where this great game is headed.

I sought to combine my various experiences and sources of knowledge, and apply that to this varied perspective. It actually reminded me alot of coaching boys minor hockey, which I spent a decade doing before my kids were born. ( Once they leave the nest, I'll be hitting the bench with Pavel Bure-like speed. ) I enjoy the passing along of information, and tying it to the present and future. If EOTP can do that in some eyes and minds, then it has been a success.

It has been no easy task to create such a site, one that in essence, eats up everything. When readers focus in on only individual postings, they likely miss the entirety of the spectre. Often they focus on my opinion and miss out on the pointing to fact. I'm learning to live with that paradox. Those who tend to read it more often - get it!

Often, it is the opinions of readers that serve as my best barometer.

Sometimes they even help define me better than I do. This has happened once before, and now it is this high ranking that has me buckling down and sharpening my gaze.

I love my blog, damnit, but I can think of dozens that are better! My only regret is sticking myself with a self-righteous and arrogant moniker. You wouldn't believe the reality checks I need in life. I don't value the daily reminder. I should at some point consider rechristening myself with my simple given names.

Still being recognized is sweet, sweet, sweet!

Thank You, Joe