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Guillaume Latendresse's Penalty Shot & The Death Of Reality Check

Leaving work this morning at seven, I found out the score of last night's game from the oncoming crew. I heard the Habs were quite dismal, so I'm not exactly anxious to watch the replay of this game in about 45 minutes. Maybe I'll fall asleep on it if I'm lucly enough and it is as bad as they said it was.

On the way out the front turnstile, a work buddy advised me to watch out for something special from Guillaume Latendresse. I had no idea what he was talking about until I saw a pic in the morning paper. I couldn't wait to check it out so I YouTubed it. It's pretty impressive, though I doubt it takes the sting off the loss.

I haven't had much chance to blog about the Habs games lately because I haven't had the chance to see anything other than the overtime from the last Penguins game. Since last Friday I've either been working when they've played or been at last weekends tournament and missed the afternoon games. I still had a great hockey weekend, Poke Check's team, the Typhoons started the tourney 4-0 before losing the final. All the kids played great and received nice finalists trophy's. My girl did really well. She finally got a shot a the top line and didn't disapoint, notching 2 goals and 3 assists in the first 4 games to finish sixth in tournament scoring.

Coolest of all was that she ranked in the top 10 for goals, assists and points - only her and the weekends leading scorer accomplished that feat.

We have another busy weekend ahead, with regional playdowns for qualifying for the provincials. Thankfully 2 of the 3 games are in town, so I'll finally get to scratch the blogging itch a bit more over the next 4 days.

Regular readers of EOTP and bloggers whose sites I regularly visit will soon be noticing that I've chosen to kill off the "Reality Check" moniker I've used for 8 months now. I will add an updated profile in the sidebar soon enough and my posts will be now be signed simply Robert L or RC Robert. I haven't decided yet.

Why am I doing this? Honestly, I never liked being known as Reality Check. I reeked of an arrogance that I felt didn't fit who I was, or wanted to be. I began using the name last year during the Stanley Cup finals and was often commenting in one particular blog under that name. One thing led to another, and it stuck with me. I won't miss the now-it-all-ness that the name implied.

Jokes about the name were frankly getting a little tired. It's nice to have shed it.