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Emery Gets His Due

The NHL has suspended Ottawa Senators goalie Ray Emery for three games following his slash to the face of Maxim Lapierre during last Saturday's game.

Emery seemed genuinely sorry for the deed.

In speaking with Senior VP Colin Campbell, Emery said "I told him I realized I made a mistake and that it was not my intention to hurt anyone and I was glad that I didn’t," Emery said after practice today. "I made a mistake and now I’m paying for it."

I am kind of surprised at the length of the suspension. I'm not saying the action didn't deserve three games, only that I'm surprised the league found it deserved as much. It's hard to get a handle on what the NHL deems worthy of suspension.

The 10 games handed out to the Predators Scott Nichol for a suckerpunch to what should have been a suspecting player earlier in the year, still throws me off.

So a punch to the head is worth 10, and a paddle to the side of the face is worth three. I honestly don't know what is sensible anymore.

My question is why is it that the action only warranted two minutes during the game?

The You Tube link for the video clip is here. It has already added up 52 comments.

Martin Gerber will get the call between the pipes for games against the Panthers, Thrashers, and Oilers.