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Senators Video Lacks Respect Towards Gainey Family

It was an unbelievable lack of respect from the Senators organization. Then again, they've never had much class to begin with!

In the moments during the pregame buildup between the Senators and Habs, a scene on the video screen above the ice sent a rage throughout the Canadiens organization.

In an inconsiderate display of brash idiotic arrogance, heartless timing, and ill will, a cartoon featuring the Senators mascot Spartacat teases a Habs fan in a boat, inviting him to jump in the lake, so to speak. Senators owner Eugene Melnyk steers the ship, while the mascot taunts and pokes at the fan, before finally throwing him overboard.

Have the Senators organization no knowledge of the recent tragedy that involved Bob Gainey's daughter Laura, who perished at sea in December, after being swept off a boat during a storm?

I am sure that there wasn't one Canadiens representative, be it a staff member or a player on the ice or on the bench at that moment, that didn't squirm upon seeing such a tasteless sight.

In the RDS broadcast booth, it was said that they had debated whether to make mention of the incident live on air. Hall Of Fame journalist and color commentator Yvon Pedneault spoke of the Canadiens brass in attendance being simply horrified. He said that what he was about to speak of, is outside the bounds of the game, but needed to be addressed nonetheless.

Pedneault stated that the Canadiens members who witnessed the scene were practically out of their heads with disgust.

Apparently this video clip plays before each game, only the sweater of the particular opponant of the night changes. It plays to pumping up the fans at the puck drop.

Would there not be a single person in the Ottawa brass with enough foresight to clue into this disgrace waiting to happen? Are the Senators really so anal as to not take certain precautions prior to this fiasco happening.
You cannot say that there would not be anyone who didn't make the allusion to the Gainey tragedy when seeing this clip play before Senators games leading up to this moment.

It was a disgusting sight! It was reprehensible and irresponsible. There is absolutely no excuse for it.

Upon gauging the reactions of the Canadiens, Senators president Roy Mlakar immediatly offered his apology to Pierre Boivin, the Canadiens president.

I'd assume he was promptly told to go straight to hell!

Mlakar then phoned owner George Gillett Jr. and his son Foster, to offer an apology.

Renaud Lavoie of the RDS team stated the Ottawa brass would be drafting an official letter of apology to the Canadiens.

They should be told right where to stick it.

The person or people in charge of these pre-game video montages ought to get the axe. I hope he is named. I imagine there is hardly any form of apology that could remove the bitter taste this has left with the Canadiens.

The whole indiscretion is quite simply unforgivable.