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A Record EOTP Day

The Site Meter is a wonderful thing for blog self awareness.

This little site of mine is but 7 months old and it's nice to have that meter which enables me to watch it grow. Having it has taught me a bunch about how things work in this blogging business.

I have posted these 2 graphs to illustrate what can happen when things are going right. The one above is the hour upon hour traffic from today and the one below shows the last seven days.

I bring this up because today was a great day on this site, a record day for me here, in fact.

As you might have read in an earlier post, I came across a funny story in the paper about Sidney Crosby being led out of a Dallas bar simply for being underage. I thought it might be oddly unique, so I did a search on the story online and found no other source for it but the french paper it was reported in. After translating it to english, I rifled off a little note to our friends at Kukla's, James Mirtle, and Eric at Off Wing in hopes one of the three would see interest and pick it up.

To my surprise, all 3 grabbed it, and it made for a busy day here traffic wise.

Jes Golbez, at the Crosby Show, also tagged along. (For some reason, he's taken to calling me Robocop!)

A few other sites as well, came along for the ride.

My previous best ever day, was back about two weeks ago, when I registered 304 visits. I was pretty impressed at the time, being so green at this.

Today, I hit 610 visits, slightly more than double that previous best. It might not be alot to some people, but we all start somewhere.

The best part of all, is that I likely added a few more regular readers, and that is what pleases me most.

After all, one writes to be read. Appreciated or criticisized, it's a fun distraction from wars and inflation.

I must give a big thanks to those bloggers named above who work in a communal type of way with hundreds of us littler guys. The boost is always appreciated. When I encounter newer bloggers, the kindness shown to me is never forgotten and it is passed along.

They are the Gretzky's of hockey blogging assists!