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Prized Nedved Snatched Up By Greedy Oilers

Center Petr Nedved, recently called up on re-entry waivers by the Flyers has been claimed by the Edmonton Oilers this afternoon.

In other Earth shattering news, Hell has frozen over, there was peace in the Middle East, and John Muckler remembered what he had for breakfast.

Like my seven yeard old is want to say, "This dumber than stupid!'

All I can say to Kevin Lowe and Craig Mctavish is...."Good luck to ya boys!"

I may be wrong on my assessment of Nedved, but I've always found him a notorious floater. He has belonged to 9 teams now in 17 seasons, if you consider the Rangers twice and this second stint with the Oilers. He also spent parts of the 1998-99 campaign with the Los Vegas Thunder of the AHL while he went unwanted at the NHL level.

Somewhere along the way, he might have been cut by Boston Pizza Loafers of the Loblaws Parking Lot League.

In short, he's added more touring miles than Guns and F#$@ing Roses in recent years and has dished out less hits than they have since Slash left.

Speaking of slash, (what a lame segue), the Oilers are only been greased with paying half his salary, as the Flyers as still responsible for the rest.

A big sigh of relief was heard coming from Ottawa fans today, as it was believed the Senators were interested in Nedved. They'd be as well off with Sergei Zholtok!

I wonder if John Muckler remembers Nedved from New York. I wonder if John Muckler remembers New York - period!

Nedved had a goal and seven assists with the Flyers, going -20 in 21 games. Minus 20! Damn that's cold!

It remains to be seen if the Flyers use the newly saved cash to aquire another player. I'm not sure who'd want to go!
BTW, ain't that a sweet pic of Nedved in orange! Does he work at Home Depot in the offseason or was that pic taken when he was doing time for robbing hockey fans of hard earned money?