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Melting Ice - The Florida Panthers Ice Dancers

I found the cause of the Canadiens two game skid in Florida last week. They did seem a triffle distracted, didn't they?

No wonder!

Many people have the opinion that cheerleaders have no place in hockey. I don't share that view. I believe they have their place - with badly placed hockey franchises, in warm places south of the border.

I wouldn't want these girls shaking their money makers at the Bell Centre - gotta keep your eyes ( all of them ) on the puck.

Check out the Florida Panthers Ice Dancers My Space homepage.

They have a promo at that reads:

The Florida Panthers Ice Dancers are putting together a calandar that will be available soon.

UPDATE: The calandar is available as of December 12, 2006.

The Ice Dancers all have profiles on the Panthers website and you can even book them for your favorite event.

They offer a video that "will give you a taste of what you might be in for."

Beneath the video, the NHL Digest posts this semi-disclaimer;

"Here at NHL Digest, we are not huge fans of cheerleaders in hockey. However, sometimes in life exections have to be made. These girls may just be the hottest thing on ice!
This is the toughest post I had ever had to do. I went out of my way not to use the term "Puck Bunny".
I almost didn't!