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Habs Mid - Term Report Cards

The Canadiens mid-term report cards are in at McKeen's Hockey site. Check out who got that A, B, C, and D's.

McKeen goes a little rough on Michael Ryder and Thomas Plekanec and is a touch too generous to Alexander Perezhogin, Francis Bouillon and David Aebischer.

There is no grading of coach Guy Carbonneau, but I'd hand him an A - and say "job well done". A little less yapping behind the bench at officials might lead to better discipline from players.

At Habs Inside Out, there's some discussion on referee Chris Lee's performance in last nights win over Philly. Put it this way, Lee doesn't get an A!

As long as former officials are in charge of overseeing the performance of present day officials, bad work will never be owned up to. I maintain that the iconsistancy of the zebra's remain the game's most pressing concern.

I know I'm not wrong on that call.