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Crosby Wins Door Prize At ASG Post GameParty

(DISCLAIMER: As the source of this piece on Crosby via various links, and due to the message board posting at the "LetsGoPens" site, I must denounce the terminology of Sidney getting "hammered" at any time. Nowhere in this article, or the one I transcribed this from at Le Journal, does it make mention, infer, or even alluded to such a thing! Sidney, as far as is known, was simply in a bar. If you have been linked to here from the Pens site, I just wanted to clarify that fact in regards to that wording. Cheers!)

Sometimes youth and noteriety has it's downside.

Sidney Crosby learned all about this Wednesday evening while attending a private party with all of the NHL's elite.

According to Martin Leclerc of Le Journal de Montreal, Crosby tagged along with the NHL All-Stars entourage to "The Ghost", a Dallas nightclub atop the chic W hotel.

While the NHL's leading scorer was enjoying the evening in the company of other players, some "good samiritan" pointed out to the establishments owners that Crosby was only 19.

The legal drinking age in the state of Texas is 21.

Shortly after 12:30 a.m., Crosby was asked to leave the club, even though it had been booked for the purpose of a post ASG celebration, and he is seen as the biggest star amongst the gathering.

Seemingly in Texas, the law is the law.

Unperturbed, Crosby simply hit another club in downtown Dallas, where some other players had gotten together.

Yesterday, enjoying a day off, Crosby found some icetime and worked out alone, while awaiting the other Penguins players who arrived last night in time for today's game against the Dallas Stars.

UPDATE - Thanks to Pete, a reader at the KK site for pointing out this link: State Profiles And Underage Drinking Laws

According to Texas law, Sidney would have been allowed to consume alcohol if accompanied by a parent/guardian or a legal aged spouse. A written note from Mario might have done the trick!