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Crosby VS Ovechkin

Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin - Two stars of seemingly boundless ability that are set to thrill hockey fans for a decade plus.

As fans, we've been asked a zillion times already - who's better? When I watch either of these two play, I know who the winner is. It's us!

Crosby's 20th of the year against Tampa Bay will fuel the fire again, as it's being compared to Ovechkin's goal in Phoenix last season.

Is one goal better than the other? Frankly, I could never decide to be honest. Perhaps Ovechkin's goal is the better one, because he carried it in and could not plan it's outcome after being tripped. Maybe Crosby's is best because it was part of an ensuing play, and his focus is unparalleled.

Either one could top a previous exploit on any given night!

Here's the video evidence - and I'm not sick of watching them yet! Both goals and a head to head contest. Have fun!