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Carbonneau Loses It

(RC - Note: From last night RDS Sports news. A translation is below.)

Some fans and onlookers might wonder what took him so long, but Montreal Canadiens coach Guy Carbonneau has lost his patience with the Habs uninspired play dating back to Christmas.

While no expletives were deleted in the coach's rant before the French media gathered for post game comments, it was quite clear he'd had it with messages not getting through.

When asked point blank what was wrong with the team, Carbonneau stared straight ahead and without flinching, "We are not working!"

"As long as the player don't get that into their heads, we aren't going to win. You can't win in the NHL these days unless everybody works. The time has come to stop blaming everyone around them. Each players has to look in the mirror."

While firing arrows, Carbonneau did not exclude the goaltending. David Aebischer started and faced 39 shots, but was weak on the two that got by.

"David did well considering how the game went, but he had no business getting beating by those shots. Our goalies have to be more consistant."

"The way the team's played of late, they have to be better than that. It serves nothing to pull them every game if the talent isn't working in front of them."

"We have to start working. Talent is only of use once it works hard. It's no use to have talent if it's not working. Talent without work adds up to nothing.

"I'm tired of hearing them say it's the center, it's the defenseman, or the goalie. I've had it with excuses! Time to look in the mirror."

Carbonneau saw red when a journalist insisted upon asking what the solution was.

"I just finished telling you, as long as we're not working, we're not going to win, he added, with a piercing glare, "As long as they are not working, they are not going to win a game in the NHL. "I'm tired of listening to excuses. Kirk Muller and I have gone over and over it, telling them to keep working. We can't jump out on the ice and take their places."

Need I repeat that?"

"As long as they're not working they won't win a game in the NHL. It ends there!"

With that, Carbonneau walked off and parted the sea of scribes like a runaway boulder.