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Bus Incident Has Roy Casting Doubt Over Future Involvement In Junior

By all accounts, Patrick Roy has felt profoundly castigated by events surrounding the aftermath of Friday's Cataracts - Remparts game in which he was charged with assault by a Chicoutimiteam owner.

During a press conference yesterday, a dejected Roy, dropped a bomb on unssuspecting reporters gathered by suggesting he has had enough of the overblown incident, and perhaps his role in junior as well.

"I am still reflecting upon my involvement in regards to the team as a co-owner and coach", said the former goalie.

Those who know Roy well enough suggest this may be no ramdom bluff. Lust ask Ronald Corey, Mario Tremblay and Rejean Houle.

After remaining quiet on the incident Saturday, Roy felt it necessary to render his version of the events that led to Chicoutimi VP of marketing Pierre Cardinal filing assult charges.

"I received a record number of phonecalls about Friday and I want to say my peace", Roy started.

"Once we were leaving, fans in Chicoutimi made it difficult for us to board our bus", he said.

After getting on and sitting down, with the bus surrounded, Roy got back off.

"I made the decison to go back out in concern for the security of my players", he added.

"The Remparts and myself are beyond reproach in all this. I chose to not answer questions yesterday because I feel as though I've been pointed as the problem by the media. So much to the point that I am considering my future with the Remparts organization".

While the reporters took notes on his comments, Roy noted that no questions concerning Sunday's game were on the agenda and he quickly took leave of the scene to return to his office.


Former Quebec Nordiques coach Michel Bergeron, who spent a decade coaching in the QMJHL attempted to put some sense and perspective into the incident.

He stated, and rightly so, that had the incident not involved Roy, it would not have gotten so overblown.

"This has taken on major proportions simply because it involves Patrick. My team bus was set on fire once in Chicoutimi. This should all blow over quickly enough".

Bergeron noted that everything Roy does publically, because of his stature, gets held up for public analysis.

"Pretty soon they'll be calling in lawyers and psycholgists if it keeps up", he intoned scarcastically.

"All this for a shoving match! By summer Roy and Cardinal will be laughing about it over a round of golf", said the man known as Le Tigre.

Bergeron made a point to say the blame must fully be placed on the league and its security, which has been lax for decades.

"This is a high calibre league and ought to be treated so", he added before saying that "What happened is no big deal, but it's still too much".

Transcribed from files by Mario Morrisette and Jean Laroche of Le Journal de Montreal
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